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Episode 221 – Andy Reid (Lisa Reeves) »

As we find ourselves recording the episode on Puppy Bowl Sunday, Farley starts us off at (6:03) with a cringing social faux pas story. At (11:01) we are joined by Pacers Race Director and frequent PTN guest Lisa Reeves (Episodes 5, 48, 92, 139, 191) to talk about The DC Half Marathon, a new event […]


Episode 191 – DJ Thunderbunny (Lisa Reeves) »

We open the show with an advertisement for Pace The Nation. At (2:30) Farley sets the stage for the show. Naturally we next talk about about Tess going to the dentist at (4:20). There is no smooth transition but we begin to talk about the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler and the course that was short […]


Episode 139 – Never Said I Was Not a Hypocrite (Lisa Reeves) »

Welcome to the least informative show notes ever. We start off with the Joanna secret agenda item. At (10:05), we are joined by three time guest (Episode 5  and Episode 92)  and Pacers Events Race Director Lisa Reeves, who talks about the spring 2018 races and a new event accompanying the Love the Run You’re […]


Episode 92 – Lost Our Edge (Lisa Reeves #2) »

Our first show from the new and improved studio 1A. Pacers Events Race Director Lisa Reeves makes her second appearance on the show to talk about her DJ career, tattoos, pirates, working in a good ole boys club industry, the preparation process for the Pacers Running series races, how to put on your own race, […]


Episode 48 – “Wind Tunnel Testing” »

Recording live from the first Crystal City 5k of 2016, we talk Marine Corps marathon, we are joined by Angie Fox, CEO of Crystal City Bid, we cover our one year anniversary, DC races in April, in the news, race predictions, clarendon construction update, women’s race winner Kara McCartney, and race director Lisa Reeves. Audio improves […]


Episode 5 »

After announcing the winning entry for the new podcast name, Pacers Running Senior Race Director Lisa Reeves joins the podcast crew to discuss the behind the scenes of putting on a local race.