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Make the Team

Make the Team

Do not worry, around here we are still in the deep of summer. But if you have designs on making your high school cross country team this fall, you want to commit to a plan to make that happen now. Reach out to the coach to see if there is a summer workout packet to give you some direction with your training. There is no need to run massive mileage but sitting around thinking about running is not going to get you a spot on the team. Consistent mileage is the key to show your skill and your fitness when practices start up again. Around 30 miles a week is a good mark to hit and 45-50 miles a week is exceptional. As with all things, more does not always equal better. Athletes in high school that opt to run big miles, say 90 miles a week, often experience diminishing returns on their efforts as well as increased likelihood of burnout. There are high schools out there who have fast runners, running big miles, but many colleges are not apt to recruit these athletes since they often make minimal improvements at the collegiate level.


Another key thing to focus on leading up to fall is core strength. Lots of high school runners can run fast but without a strong core their forms breaks down. Having a strong, capable core allows you to run upright and keeps fatigue at bay encouraging you to run stronger. There is no need to lift heavy weights but adding core and some strides into your running routine will serve you well.

Here is a core set you can work through 3x a few times a week:

  • 30 second planks, middle, left and right
  • 10 push-ups
  • 30 oblique cruches (30 on each side)
  • 30 modified crunches

Summer is the perfect time to find some trails, run with friends, and cross-train with biking or swimming. Register for a 5K; just commit to an active summer and you will be ready to run in the fall. Don’t forget to pick up your spikes and any other supplies you may need to support your training at Pacers running.

Here is a secret that will get you committed to a plan; there are not too many kids out there running over the summer. Put in some time and some miles and you are sure to come to practice prepared to score points for your high school cross country team.




Photos are from the 2015 DCXC Invite.  Follow these tips and be ready for the starting line of the 2016 DCXC Invite, presented by New Balance, on September 24th in DC’s Kenilworth Park.

PAC-358 DCXC Invite Facebook Image


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