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Hey Bigs, Bring Your Littles! Childrens’ Footwear Now at Pacers Fairfax

Hey Bigs, Bring Your Littles! Childrens’ Footwear Now at Pacers Fairfax

Any kid will tell you, it’s no fun being left out. And, that is good reason for us to start carrying kids’ shoes.  Now at Pacers Fairfax, we are excited to announce that we have brought in a great selection of shoes for youngsters from top brands including Asics, Brooks, Saucony, and New Balance. We have a range of sizes for boys from 12 through 7 and for girls, 12 through 5– each including some wide options. These models will enable little ones to pre-teens alike, to start running or get fit just like mom or dad.

We always strive to put each one of our adult customers on the right path by providing guidance when fitting shoes and offering expert recommendations.  We figured it was about time we also help you put your child on the right path, too.  After all, your child’s feet must carry him or her for a lifetime—it makes sense that you should start thinking about foot health when he or she is young. A healthy foot allows for a cheerful and active kid—one that will appreciate the benefits of fitness, and especially the joy that can be had through running.

Your child’s life is certain to be happier and more enjoyable if he or she develops strong, healthy feet growing into adulthood.  Many adult foot ailments have their origins in childhood.  But, properly fitting footwear can make all the difference.


Of course, fitting shoes is what we do at Pacers Running.  We will take the time to accurately measure both of your child’s feet every time you shop for their shoes.  Getting the correct advice will ensure that your child is fitted with the correct size for every stage of their development and growth.  Our staff will give your child top notch customer service, treating him or her like a rock star!  We want the experience to be fun and interactive so your child will be excited and motivated to move in their new shoes!

We encourage you to get an early start taking care of your children’s feet because having strong, healthy feet allows your child to walk, play, and run.  At Pacers Running, we will offer a positive experience that will carry forward and help you put your child on the right path so they won’t be left out from experiencing a lifetime of healthy feet!

So, come check out our new selection of childrens’ footwear your littles are sure to love!


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