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Kid Friendly Races and Girls on the Run- DC

Kid Friendly Races and Girls on the Run- DC

We love running: it’s kind of our thing. Running is so easy, all you need to do is put on your shoes and go. The ease and sheer joy of running is easy to pass along to the kids in our lives. All that is required are good shoes, a good attitude, and you will have a new runner on your hands in no time at all.

At Pacers Running we have selected a series of races to encourage you to bring kids out to run races with you. All of the races on this list have kid friendly distances and perks that will make even the smallest runner happy to cross the finish line; all are guaranteed to be a great experience.

When it comes to running with your child keep some basic guidelines in mind; the following tips come  from our friends at the Road Runners Club of America’s Kids Run the Nation program. First and foremost keep running fun. Kids are not looking for a new PR or to qualify for the Boston Marathon. The goal should be to make progress while enjoying the act of running. Running should not become a dreaded chore: keep that category reserved for actual dreaded chores! When running, incorporate games, relays, or just play out there. Their endurance will develop and running will be a positive activity rather than a competitive one.

Running in a kid’s fun run or youth track event can be a great experience for kids. For children 5 and under, focus on “dash” events that range from a few yards to 400 meters. For children 5 and over, consider kids’ fun runs of ½ to 1 mile. Children ages 12 and over may want to participate in a 5K, ages 15 and older could consider the 10K to half marathon, and young adults ages 18 and older may show interest in training for a marathon or longer distance. These are general guidelines – every child is different!

Another way to support kids running in the community is to make a financial contribution to Girls on the Run– DC. Did you know they not only help girls get race ready but help them be the best little people they can be?

Between now and April 14, shop at any Pacers Running location and add a donation to Girls on the Run- DC that defrays the cost of new training shoes for participants. Add $10, $20, or really any number that is divisible by 10 to your ticket and it will go GOTR-DC. We all know that running in the proper footwear is key for every runner. We carry kids shoes at our Fairfax and Navy Yard locations and this weekend the majority of the kids sizes will be at Pacers Navy Yard for the Girls on the Run- DC shoe fitting event.

You can also support Girls on the Run- DC by to registering to run their upcoming 5k on Sunday June 4 at Freedom Plaza which is featured in our Kids Run Series. You are guaranteed to see lots of happy faces crossing the finish line learning they can do just about anything they want.

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