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Register for DCXC Camp

Register for DCXC Camp

This summer something big is coming to DC, something new, something running related, and, no, you cannot come, unless you are a high school student. Landon Peacock, assistant manager at the Pacers 14th Street location, is bringing this event to town- and this town is ready for it.


The Pacers Running DCXC Camp presented by New Balance will be held at Georgetown University this summer, July 23-27, and registration is now open. There are only 100 spots available and Landon is well aware there is a perfect market here for this type of training camp. He was a counselor at a running camp his alma mater, University of Wisconsin,  for five years and there he learned what it takes to make an event like this valuable.

This summer Landon will share his own experience with runners who are coming up. Landon knows he is not going to get these students more fit in the four days they are together but he knows there are tools he, and others, can share with students that they can take home and put into practice.

There are a lot high school students out there who are working hard but do not have access to the best information. Landon was coached by Jerry Schumacher, worked with Pascal Dobert for strength and conditioning, and ran professionally for Reebok Sponsored- Zap Fitness after completing his collegiate running career at the University of Wisconsin. He has gained a lot of knowledge along the way and is eager to share with other runners, information from training seminars, gait analysis, to securing college scholarships.

Students will arrive in DC on Saturday and run the Crystal City Twlighter that evening. Those race results will help break campers down into smaller training groups. There is no “homework” for runners to complete before arriving, their prep before camp is up to them. Each of those smaller groups will have a counselor, either a local post collegiate runner, or a member of the Georgetown Track and Cross County Team. Campers will attended the DCXC All RunWashington event, take a trip to the National Mall, hear from Olympian, Julie Culley, and participate in a variety of educational and fun outings. The idea here is to expose students to what it takes to succeed at the highest level and give them the keys to assist them in achieving their goals when they return to their respective schools.

Landon knows that the staff makes or breaks the week and deeply influences what campers take away from their experience. It is not just about being there to be there, counselors are there to help students out and provide a fun environment for them to train, learn, and connect. It is an opportunity to complete your own training runs that you would do anyway but this week you get to run then with the kids. Doing silly things with the campers can mean a lot to them and those connections matter.

DCXC-Camp-BG-Image-Director (1)

Between now and when those 100 spots are filled up, Landon will be out and about, getting the word out at local track meets. If you have questions about the camp, need more information, send an email to [email protected] or drop by Pacers 14th Street to speak with Landon.

Camp registration can be found on the DCXC camp page.


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