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Sunday Runday Dinner

Sunday Runday Dinner

We like to run but we also need to eat, enter Sunday Runday Dinner. On Sunday, October 16 let’s get together and have dinner, what do you think?

Dinner will be served at the Whole Foods Cafe on P Street, think closed party, linens, flowers, real plates. The plan is to celebrate you, your hard work, your training, and this great community we all live in. Check it out, here is the link. Space is limited so tell your running friends you would like to meet-up for a runners dinner. Learn ways to use real ingredients to fuel your training throughout the week without getting bored. Meet and discuss nutrition with Chelsea from Chelsea Eats Treats.  Enjoy a chef crafted three course meal with drinks too, it is Sunday after all, you have earned the fun. You will leave Whole Foods with a full belly, recipe cards, a plan on how to use nutritious ingredients to fuel your running. We also think you will meet some new friends and that is what we want Sunday Dinner to be all about.

Sunday Runday Dinner, it’s a thing, and we hope you’ll join Pacers Running and Whole Foods Market. We will save you a seat.


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