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Honesty, MedStar, and Run Goals

Honesty, MedStar, and Run Goals

You are a runner, you have big goals, fall race dreams, your workouts are coming together but there is a nagging pain and it insists on sticking around. Most of us have been here. Questions start pouring in; is this the beginning of an injury? Will this sideline you? Is it all in your head? Who knows? Sometimes it is all about getting to the bottom of things and speaking to medical provider… gulp.

Let’s be honest, there are about a million barriers between you and getting in front of a professional- totally get it. There are loads of options when it comes to selecting someone to see about a potential running issue. A physical therapist can aid in healing injury, improving your performance, and preventing future injury. MedStar is a leader in the sports medicine field and they are making  it easy for all of us to get in and speak with a professional. On Thursday July 19 MedStar is hosting a free injury screening event at their Lafayette Center location. Yes, you need to call and register but it’s free and honestly easy. Meet up with Coach Tammy of TW Training and Wellness for a run Thursday night run too.

To take it one step further I went to Lafayette Center to check the scene out. Trust me, and see it yourself on the virtual tour, this place is pretty incredible. Here are my takeaways.

You need to find it.

MedStar has a massive situation going on in the neighborhood, you are looking for the the Orthopedic and Sports Center. To get an appointment you need a prescription from your regular doc or other health care provider. This is key. Maybe you are curious, because I know I was, will PT make me broke? The answer is no, not necessarily. MedStar accepts most insurance plans; obviously check with your own before you commit! When you do go in for your appointment come in clothes you can workout in, there is very little sitting around at PT.

Plan for your first appointment.

The first session is an initial evaluation where your clinician will initiate your treatment plan and the appointment will take about one hour. You will leave with a home program- yes you have homework. Doing your homework is important, even critical, for your recovery. Don’t call it a comeback.

Will I be able to run?

This is always at the top of mind, right? It is one thing to admit you may have an issue to your training partner it is another to admit it to a healthcare professional. Your PT will not necessarily keep you from running, they will be able to provide the best recommendations and suggestions to improve your healing. Meaning, it is all case by case, it’s not an automatic no.

Some of the typical treatment techniques employed could be tool assisted manual techniques, soft tissue mobilization and manipulations; dry needling; cupping; electrical stimulation; hot and cold therapy. The really amazing part about the Lafayette Center location is the vast amount of space and equipment you as a patient have access to. I have seen photos of Kara Goucher running on an AlterG treadmill, but there I was at MedStar running on one too. It’s is hard to put into words but basically the treadmill pumps in air and make you lighter and you can run like a boss. Before you get in you put on a pair of tight suba type shorts, get zipped in, and then magic happens. I am not saying I am ready to give up running outdoors, far from it, but it was a super cool experience and a valuable tool to have access to.

This training season Pacers Running and MedStar have a variety of opportunities lined up to help you to get to the start line of your fall marathon. Keep your eyes peeled on our calendar, instagram, and your eye to the ground- for good measure.

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