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The training miles are adding up and the wear and tear on both your mind and legs tell you one thing, you are deep into your fall training plan. If you are training for an ultra, a marathon, a half marathon, a 10 miler… you know all of the distances of your favorite runs by heart, when you see a highway sign you know you can cover the distance on a weekend morning, and you now have friends on the trail who are out there doing the same thing at the same time.

Shake out of it!

On Saturday, September 16 take your long run on the road with us to Annapolis for our first Pacers RUNAWAY.

Here is how it works:

Option A: You can take yourself in your car and meet us at the B&A Trail at 7am for a 3 hour supported run. We will provide nutrition, water, and friendly faces on the out and back route. We’ll have cold towels so you can take a RUNAWAY “shower” after your run. By 10am you have checked out new scenery, gotten your miles in, and seen, and hopefully spoken to, some new to you runners. Option A is free.

Option B: You can get yourself to the trail head at the B&A Trail, see above but stick around after the run for a crab feast at Cantler’s Riverside Inn. All you can eat crabs, corn, coleslaw, fries, and soda for two glorious hours. Take your run and your tastebuds on vacation. By the time you pull out of Cantler’s you will be full, happy and accomplished. Option B costs $70 because, well, crabs are as expensive as they are delicious.

Option C: Option C covers Options A and B but adds in a bus ride from Pacers Navy Yard, pulling out at 6am sharp with snacks from South Block for the ride, a chance to pretend to sleep more or sing the wheels on the bus- it’s you call. Our Brooks Happy Bus will get you to the trailhead, to Cantler’s, and back to Navy Yard again by about 2:30-3:oopm on Saturday. Option C is $100,  $70 for the crabs and $30 for the bus ride.

Don’t want to pay for the bus ride? Cool, all you need to do is purchase a pair of your favorite Brooks shoes between now and August 11 and Brooks will pick up the cost of your RUNAWAY bus trip. Get the shoes you love and a ticket to ride with Brooks. All Pacers locations are in on the deal so drop in and shop for your Brooks today.

We will also have our friends from Charm City Run out there with us on the trail and since this is their turf we are thrilled to have their insight on the ins and outs of the B&A Trail. Book your RUNAWAY today and look forward to mixing up your long routine in Annapolis.


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