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  • 2018

Twilighter: The 2018 Run Club Remix!

Twilighter: The 2018 Run Club Remix!

2018 is bringing the heat to Crystal City Twilighter with a new round of the Run Club Throw Down. Twilighter is a fast, hot, midsummer 5k, everyone can agree on that but adding in another level is never a bad thing. As you look at your #squadgoals this summer make sure Twilighter is on your calendar. Now that we have all that out of the way let’s get into the nitty gritty on all of the details for this summer’s Run Club Throw Down.

Make a Team

First, you need a team. A team consists of a total of at least 5 members, 2 male/2 female. You also need a team name and a captain, of course. If you are planning to create a team, please email me at [email protected] and I can send you a discount code for your team members. Once you have these key pieces in place you are ready to roll.

Parade of Nations

Race night we are adding a little something we are calling, the Parade of Nations (thanks Olympics). Teams will assemble pre race to march out, to their team walk up song. This provides an opportunity to literally strut your stuff with your run crew and show your competition what is going to happen. The parade starts at 7:40pm sharp, be there and be ready to rock.

Team Songs

Edward, your friendly Parade Leader / Race DJ will serve as your Master of Ceremony race day and is ready to  collect and mix up your team walk up song. Edward is a pro and will select the key snippet for your team to march out to at Twilighter. Send him your team name, contact information, and song selection- including title and artist. Aim to submit your song by 7/18 and he’ll have it all cued up for you race night.

How to Earn Points

Teams are broken down into three categories: Racing Clubs + Teams, Community Run Clubs, and Pacers Neighborhood teams. Each teams competes against other teams in their own category so there are 3 overall Run Club Throw Down winners. Trophies will be there race night for all of the world to see you win.


Easy, bring your fast runners. Earn points for running fast. Done and done.


More runners on your team = more points. Enough said.


This is where it gets fun friends! We are going to do a race week scavenger hunt. All clues will be posted online on Friday July 13 and one will be pulled each day of race week. There are a few options on how you and your run squad can solve the hunt. Go and knock it all out over the weekend and post what you found each day, Assign team members to solve questions day by day. All run around Crystal City day by day- it doesn’t matter to us. The key is to: reply to the scavanger hunt question in the day it is asked, tag @runpacers #rcthrowdown. The more creative you and your team are the better. One point per correct answer and if you get all of the clues correct you score an extra point for a maximum of 7 total points.


Talking about fun, the strong part of Run Club Throw Down is brought to you by the Pulse House of Fitness. Each week a video will drop and it is up to you and your Run Club Team to do it, shoot a video, snap a picture share it and you know the drill tag @runpacers #rcthrowdown  #pulsehouseoffitness #nevermissabeat #burncaloriesnottime You earn one point for your team each week you post you and your teammates doing the workout. No you don’t need to have everyone one your team and yes you can post it anytime from Wednesday until the next Wednesday when the new video posts.

Here is week one, get squatting pronto!


Extra Credit

Joggers and Lagers

Port City will be the beer at the after party so take your crew on a field trip and run from the Port City tasting room with Joggers and Lagers any Monday night between 7/3-7/17, post your picture on insta tag @runpacers #rcthrowdown and #JoggersandLagers for and extra point, or 3, in the mix.

Hands to Hearts

Arlington County Fire Department will be onsite performing “Hands to Hearts”, a collaborative effort by Virginia Hospital Center and ACFD to provide hands-only CPR training (because you may not want to perform mouth to mouth) which will be incorporated into the throw-down competition for extra credit points. Come early to Twilighter between 7:00pm and 7:40pm before the Parade of Nations and learn how to save a life.

That’s it, now you know all that you need to wrack up points and win summer. Keep your eyes peeled on social media for all of the latest and greatest.


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