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  • 2016

Run to Office

Run to Office

You run, you have a job, both activities require time and some planning. Plus you know you should cross train, when can you fit in cross training? Oh, and you also live here where the traffic and the metro are complicated forms of transportation. Biking and running are by far the fastest way to get anywhere in DMV and is also an easy way to add in some miles. There are many ways to become a run commuter and here are some tips from the front.

There are some nonnegotiable factors that must be in play to consider taking on the run commute.

Shower: Maybe your office has one, maybe there is nearby gym you could join, but for most jobs being showered is an important factor to work out before beginning your day. Figure out where you can get cleaned up after you commute in and you are in business.

Work Clothing: Ideally, you want to have a place to keep your clothing at work. Running while carrying your change of clothes is not preferred. That said, to date, the most impressive sight Veronica our run/bike commute expert, has witnessed was another run commuter actually running with a full suit, in a wardrobe bag, hanging off the back of his backpack. Run commuting at the expert level! If you are not interested in that plan, an excellent way to be prepared for your day without schlepping supplies back and forth is keep a duplicate of everything at work, including: jacket, purse, makeup, underwear, everything you may need to get ready. Consider keeping all of your dry cleaning at the office and just get it cleaned locally.


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Backpack: Running with a laptop does not really work but you will need to carry some things back and forth to work like: food, your wallet, phone, and don’t make your bag too heavy or you will be miserable. On days you have only the minimal to carry forgo the backpack and pack your phone and money in your Spi-belt and go.


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When buying a running backpack you need to focus on comfort, comfort is key. Look for a bag that has a lot of adjustable straps so you can make it fit you well. The better you can fit your pack to your body the less it moves and the happier you are running.

Veronica shares what a typical week of run/bike commuting looks like:

Monday: morning bike to work, bring a couple of days of work clothes, evening run home

Tuesday: morning run to work, evening bike home

Wednesday: maybe run to and from work

Thursday: morning bike to work (with more clothes), evening bike home

Friday: run to and from work

Other factors to consider…

What to do with your post workout clothing and your clean clothing? If you happened to have a clothes closet at your office, use that, obvious answer. If you do not have that rent a locker from a nearby gym, commandeer an open hallway closet as your own, try a portable wardrobe rack. Do not let your clothing undo this plan!

Now there is the small factor of your coworkers, chances are your coworkers might think you are a little weird, be ok with that.

The other thing that may pose a problem is weather, remember what your mom said, there is no bad weather only bad clothing. Do not let the weather derail your plan; you have this!




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