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Change the World with Your Running Clothes

Change the World with Your Running Clothes

Janji means promise in Malay and the promise that Janji makes is to address the global water crisis. This is a major undertaking and at Janji they give back with each piece of apparel you put on your back.


Dave and Mike, Janji’s cofounders, are former college athletes from Washington University with degrees in history and urban studies. After competing in an especially hot race, the connection to water and athletes, and water and the greater world took hold of them. From that point an idea for a company was born. Janji has taken a different spin on fundraising; 10% of the price of each piece of apparel is donated to fund water projects in the country the apparel is linked to. They have forged partnerships in communities around the world where clean water is not readily available. Every time you head out for a run wearing Janji gear you make an impact.


The counties that Janji work with are selected thoughtfully. The fist, and most important, factor that is considered is there a need for clean water. Once the need is established, an organization in that country is approached and a partnership established to do the actual work of getting the water to those who need it. When all of that is in place one key question remains: will runners connect with that country?

In the four years Janji has been in business the company has come a long way. While they credit luck and hard work, they have a different view on running apparel and community and it is working for them. Looking at and feeling their products tells you they have done their homework. Performance apparel needs to look good but more importantly it needs to work, runners put their gear to the test.


Raising money for water projects is a valuable goal there is no question about it. Since Janji is selling running clothes to runners their message, their goal, and their gear need to be great. Wearing Janji connects you to a cause, and to the community around you but it is also comfortable and fits well. Their fabrics are soft and the apparel is well made but what sets Janji’s apparel apart is the design. They use local artists work from the county the apparel represents and applies it to fit their message and honor the vision of their complete line. Janji clothing is fun, different, and colorful.

When water is flowing there no need to pay attention to it. Clean water is a basic need for all people, not a luxury. Dave and Mike have seen transformation occur when communities gain access to clean water: children go to school, women do not need to walk hours to carry water to their home, illness rates decline. These changes do not take place with the snap of a finger but they do happen and it is huge.

Come by to take a look at what Janji is up to at Pacers Clarendon, Navy Yard, and 14th Street as well in our online store. Once you touch it you will be sold on both the cause and the craftsmanship.

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