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  • Apr
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  • 2017

Freshen Up Your Sports Bra Collection

Freshen Up Your Sports Bra Collection

The early morning sunshine and the birds singing tell us that spring is here. Or in the case of today the driving rain tells you it is spring, whatever! One easy thing you can do it kick your spring training off on the right foot is a new sports bra (or three). Like shoes, bras wear out and need to be replaced with some regularity. For women runners the only two things you really need to get out there to run is a pair of running shoes and a decent sports bra, running is easy like that. At Pacers Running we have a new bra in stock that could be a complete game changer for many female runners. Depending on your sports bra needs this could be exactly what to run all of the miles.

SHEFIT bras have completely reimagined the whole sports bra experience and are known for their accommodating fit on nearly every body. Just looking at the bra wall you can see that one is not like the others at all. SHEFIT features a zip front with nearly 10- inches of adjustability on both the rib band and shoulder strap making this bra fit you and you alone. You can opt to wear the bra as an X or and H back, depending on your preference for that day or activity. The thing that is super cool is the SHEFIT bra will fit you if you are not a textbook size, pregnant or nursing, post-operative, or on a weight loss journey. This bra moves with you and adjusts to your needs, making it a great addition to your sports bra collection.

Come by any Pacers Running location to try out a SHEFIT bra and learn what all of the hype is about for yourself. Who knows, this could be just the piece of gear you needed but didn’t think existed. End your spots bra frustration today with SHEFIT.

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