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We Don’t Hibernate

We Don’t Hibernate

Humans don’t hibernate.  When the temperature drops, it’s time to toss on a layer or two and keep moving!  Seems simple enough, but since we all run hot or cold or were maybe raised in Florida, we all have a different standard for cold.  Here’s a layering guide to help you stay toasty through the winter months.

All about the base.

A thermal layer provides most of your added warmth while on the move.  These insulating fabrics come in a variety of weights, including the waffle knit Nike Therma material.  Whatever cut of top you’re looking for: crew neck, quarter zip, or full zip hoodie, something in the Therma fabric will wick sweat away from your skin, reducing your vulnerability to the cold while also insulating your core.  Alternatively, try out a newer brand for Pacers in Rhone apparel.  Rhone coordinated with Polartec to reduce moisture and maintain a comfortable temperature on the go in the Sequoia Quarter Zip.  On a warmer or non-windy day, these thermals can be fine on their own or layered over a t-shirt or tight base layer of your choice.  However, as conditions deteriorate, you’ll need to step it up, which brings us to:


Shell mania.

A shell is any runner’s secret weapon.  Great for an expected rainstorm in the summer, a blustery fall day, or February snow.  Coupled with a thermal layer, a shell is the ideal shield from the elements that so often rear their heads in the winter.  Choosing the right shell is much like choosing the right shoe.  You want a few options and to really see what features will work best for you.  Would you like a hood or are you more of a hat kind of person?  Do you want it to pack easily to carry when you heat up?  What about storage space, do you want plenty of pockets, or a lighter design?  For men, the Brooks LSD Jacket is a lightweight, packable, visible layer that will provide all of the protection with limited weight.  However, if you’re looking for more storage space and a hood, the Nike Zonal Aeroshield is available for both men and women.  Ladies looking for a lighter option can turn to the Brooks Canopy jacket, which is also packable, has a rollable hood, and a a media pocket.


Not enough?  Bundle up.

Some of us, yours truly included, run cold, and I mean ice cold.  I need an extra layer just to get out of bed in the morning.  Which is why we carry that beautiful in-between piece of goodness that is a vest.  Keeping the heat where you need it, a thermal vest doesn’t add the bulk of an unnecessary full third layer, but gives any suited up run some extra oomph.  Running vests aren’t as poofy as a standard down fill option and will often be ventilated on the sides but wind resistant on the front.  This year we have the New Balance Heat Hybrid vest and Nike Essential Flash vest for women and a Rhone Hitch SeaCell vest for men.  Slip one on in between your thermal and shell layer for extra warmth on chilly days and don’t let the temperature stop you from getting outside.

As always, stay toasty my friends.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all at our final winter run of 2017 where you can add a new hoodie to your winter jacket collection.




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