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  • Nov
  • 24
  • 2017

Black Friday, Celebrate

Black Friday, Celebrate

Holiday shopping is officially on! Welcome to the Black Friday edition to the Pacers Running Holiday Gift Guide. Today we highlight some excellent gift choices for everyone on your shopping list from your dad to your spouse, literally the gamut is covered! Check out our Black Friday Deals as well as our FitRankings Weekend Challenge which will allow you to save the most cash you can on all of the gear you need gifts on your shopping list.

Stance Socks

Stance socks feature mild compression, nothing overbearing, and just feel good on your feet. As the weather cools down, Stance covers the gap between your leggings and shoes without looking too dorky. Folks looking for a fun sock, or for a higher sock that doesn’t look like it belonged to their dad, will love a pair of Stance. Plus, Darth Vader.

Stance Socks cost between $15-$20 depending on the height making these a perfect holiday treat for your chilly toed, or chilly ankled, running buddy and a perfect stocking stuffer for your dad. He doesn’t like sad socks either.

Nathan LightSpur

Lights are a big deal this time of year especially, enter the Nathan LightSpur. The LightSpur securely attaches to the heal of a shoe adding loads of visibly for your favorite runner, walker, or cyclist. Clearly you want everyone on your gift list to be safe as well as healthy and illuminating the night or early mornings is key. Both the LightSpur and the LightSpur RX are Ragnar Relay approved and weather resistant.

 The LightSpur costs between $20-$30 depending on which version you go with, battery powered vs. the USB charging version. This is an ideal gift for the dog walker, the bike commuter, or any runner on your holiday list, plus it is the perfect size for any stocking.

Diadora Shoes

Chances are you have heard of Diadora and maybe you even owned a pair of Diadora soccer cleats. Now you can hook your favorite runner up with a pair of Diadora running shoes on sale exclusively at Pacers Running Navy Yard and Alexandria locations. Try on a pair yourself and get 10% off entry into the New Jersey Marathon. Purchase a pair and you (or your run friend) can gain free entry into the New Jersey Marathon. If that isn’t a great gift, what is?

Diadora shoes run $124, $140, $150 depending on the style and New Jersey Marathon entry fee is $115 for the full and $100 for the half. Check out the whole menu of races in NJ while you are at it, it’s going to be a memorable weekend. This is an excellent gift for anyone loves flashy running shoes and are willing travel partners.


Body Glide

Sometimes a run can just quite literally rub the wrong way and the easiest way to sidestep this issue is with Body Glide. Think protection from chafing from something that resembles deodorant. It is a thoughtful gift for the runner in your life who is looking to add miles to their 2018 or the runner who feels every seam in all of the wrong ways.

Body glide is a slam dunk for the stocking of any runner on your list. Coming in between $10-$15 you are not breaking the bank but you are saving the skin.


QALO Silicon Ring

You loved them enough to say “I do,” but it’s an “I don’t” to loosing your wedding ring at the gym, on a run, or on the job.  Silicone is a hypoallergenic material that won’t irritate sensitive skin or put you at risk for a finger injury if you’re someone who works with their hands.  

This is the prefect gift for your run love, obviously, and at a $25 price point makes it a simple way to show your commitment to the run and to your family too.

Last week’s gift guide is here and all of the information you need to maximize your holiday weekend shopping is here. Enjoy the time with family and friends, the glow of your recent turkey trot, and all of the awesome sales kicking today.


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