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  • Mar
  • 15
  • 2017

Get Your Garmin

Get Your Garmin

Just like snowfall this winter, a sale on Garmin is not only unusual, but a total treat. From now until April 1 a variety of Garmin watches are on sale but this is a first come first serve situation. If you are in the market come in, or call, your local Pacers location to see what is in stock.  These savings are not available online, so don’t shop there for your new Garmin! If you are in the market for more data about your running the time to shop for your new Garmin is now. Here is what we have, what it does, and how much it will cost from now until April 1.

Forerunner 25: $119.99 or $139.99 with Heart Rate Monitor

This is a super basic Garmin model that has GPS and step counting. It tracks your personal records and if you opt for one with a heart rate monitor you need to wear the strap.

Forerunner 35: $169.99

The Forerunner 35 has all of basics you want in a GPS watch, but it’s definitely not basic. It can monitor time, distance, calories and the heart rate monitor is built into the watch to monitor right from your wrist. The 35 has the option to get text messages from your phone and will vibrate if you have been sitting still too long. It has a low profile and you are getting a lot of good features at a competitive price. It also comes in fun colors too, black, white, aqua, and green but don’t forget to call to see what is in stock before you shop!

Forerunner 235: $279.99

You get all of the basics you come to expect from a GPS watch and can put in specific workouts, choose a watch face, and even check the weather and receive text messages on this watch. The Forerunner 235 has a heart rate monitor built in there is no need to wear a strap. The battery lasts for 11 hours of training allowing you to run for a REALLY time!

Vivoactive HR: $219.99

This Garmin works not only while you run but can track biking as well as swimming stats. It has smart notifications; sleep monitoring, wrist heart rate, calculates your calories burned, and can track your sleep. You can customize the watch face and of course use all of the magic of Garmin Connect. The GPS battery can last up to 13 hours and 8 days of battery life using it as a fitness tracker. That’s super legit battery life!

All watches pair with Garmin Connect. Basically this is a means to track your progress (think digital training log), hold you accountable to get your runs in, and even allows you to see improvement on different routes. You can upload workouts, download training plans- all of your running needs can live on this site. Connect with friends, see maps of where you have run, work on spelling the word PROM for your promposal, the uses are endless!

Take your training to a new level or just see how far your favorite running loop is and how fast you can run it on any given Wednesday. Come in to your favorite Pacers Running location to see the Garmin that is right for you.


Didn’t see the Garmin you’re looking for on that list? We probably have it, it’s just not part of the sale. We carry a full line of Garmin watches as pictured including the 920xt and Fenix5 (not pictured)

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