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Holiday, Getting Ready to Celebrate

Holiday, Getting  Ready to Celebrate

Have you looked outside today? It is beginning to look, and feel, a lot like Christmas. No matter what your holiday gifting needs are we have a plan for everyone on your list. This week we have some picks that’ll surprise and delight everyone on your gift list.

Gift Cards

Shopping for someone you know who loves to run, but you do not know their size/preference/needs can be tricky. You can guess what they like and if you pick the right thing you are a hero, pick the incorrect one and your gift’s a flop. Who needs that?

Pacers Running Gift Cards are perfect for everyone on your gift list, period. It is quick, it is easy and pleasing for all of the runners in your life. Plus one size fits all and smiles all around.



Eating on the run is both an art and a science. Eating the right thing will help your favorite runner fly along the trail while the wrong can destroy goals and dreams alike. With big goals in the books, or on the horizon, now is the ideal time to test out something new. We carry a wide variety of products to deliver calories while on the run; from drinks, to waffles, to bars, there is something out there to make everyone happy.

Nutritionals cost anywhere from $1.25 for gels to $2.10 for bars. This is a low cost way to stuff a stocking with calories and opportunity alike! Highlights are: Huma Gel, Honey Stinger Waffles. Picky Bars, and Run Gum. Sometimes the perfect gift comes in a tiny, single serve package. For someone you truly love (or you know love Generation UCAN) you can buy them a big container or UNCAN to fuel all of the running for $65 (or individually for $3.25).


Hands are kind of the unsung hero during the winter. Keep them warm and you are happy, get them too warm and that’s all you can think about. Cold hands? No, thank you. Everyone has their own special recipe for keeping their hands just right this time of year. Something to consider for your #weatherproof friend is a new pair of gloves. There are SO MANY options to consider to keep hands warm but not too warm.

 Mizuno Breath Thermo Knit Gloves and the Smartwool Liner Glove, both knit, both are designed to keep runners’ hands happy. For the friend who wants to be able to access their smartphone The North Face ETIP glove or The North Face Pamir Windstopper ETIP Glove are ideal options. For the friend who’s hands are forever frozen The North Face Thermoball Mitt could be exactly what they are dreaming of- tiny sleeping bags for hands.

Gloves/Mittens cost between $24 and $55 depending on the features and weight of materials. Nothing too crazy price-wise and essential for those who want to run outside all year long.


Since we talked about the virtue of happy hands, let’s discuss toes too. Feetures! socks are a solid choice for any runner on your list. There is such a difference running in the right type of sock. Did you know the injury that keeps runners from running are blisters? Running in Feetures! will pull moisture away from the foot, keeping feet dry. Not only are Feetures! technically sound, they come in a variety of colors and styles including wool, compression, a plantar fasciitis relief sock ($29.99) and a tall cushion merino for $22.

Most styles are priced between $11.99 and $15.99 Feetures! are a perfect stocking stuffer or add on to a larger gift. These socks are certainly a game changer.

Happy shopping and we look forward to seeing you out at Jingle All the Way 5k and 15k on Sunday morning. The race is on and, baby, it’s going to be cold outside! Remember to take care or your hands, feet, and head. We have you covered with the super cute race hat!


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