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Holiday, It’s December!

Holiday, It’s December!

Happy December everyone. With the Thanksgiving holiday in the rearview mirror it high time to embrace the joy of the season. Plus it’s December! This week’s holiday gift list includes some of our favorite gear for the region, racing, and recovery (the new three Rs). No matter which side of the Potomac your friends hails from we have gift options, good gift options.

Virginia is for Runners Shirts

Everyone knows the tagline, Virginia is for Lovers but true Virginians know Virginia is for Runners and our new shirts make that point crystal clear. Hokies and Cavaliers can both agree on the fact the Commonwealth is for running. The shirts come in a variety of colors, are a cotton/poly blend but have a very slim fit for both men and women so maybe order up a size.

The next generation of VA is for Runners shirts cost a mere $29 and are ideal for those on your list who have both state and run pride.

DC Flag Apparel

New Balance technical shirts with the stars and bars on them is a no brainer for anyone on your gift list. What DC lacks in representation it makes up for in runners repping the District. Truly, when in doubt DC flag apparel is your answer.

Long sleeve shirts are $35 and short sleeve are $29 making them an ideal price point for any DC lover on your list.

Boco Trucker Hats

Trucker hats are always a good call and, as noted above, so is anything with the DC Flag on it. If you need a gift for anyone on your list this Boco DC Flag tucker hat is the answer.

$30 for a “technical trucker” hat is a slam dunk for anyone who may sweat and may love DC. Hard to find any of those types of folks around here…

Race Dots

Safety pins are so five years ago. Yes, they work, but they are not always kind to your beloved running apparel. Let’s agree to stop ruining nice running apparel with pin holes and switch to nondestructive but sturdy magnets. Sorry for the tough love but once you convert to Race Dots you will never look at a pin in the same way.  

For the cool price of $19.95 you can save your and the gear of your favorite racer all while representing the District.

Foam Rollers

Man, are there options galore when it comes to foam rollers. You can spend a wide range of money on one and get a myriad of features to work out any issues you may have. The standard foam roller is made from high density foam and will undo all of the tightness running may create. The textured rollers are designed to mimic the fingers or your favorite massage therapist to work on tight muscles and promote flexibility.

Foam rollers make an ideal gift for your tightly wound running friend, just teasing, everyone needs a foam roller. They cost between $20 and $65 and while they may not put a smile on the face of the recipient when they use it it will keep them healthy and well and ready for their next workout.

Happy December!


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