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Holiday, Let’s Celebrate

Holiday, Let’s Celebrate

Let’s take a break from our regularly scheduled life and embrace the upcoming holidays. Each week between now and the end of the year we are going to turn Friday blog posts into the Official Pacers Holiday Gift Guide. Buy something for your 5k fanatic brother, your best runner friend, your coach- yourself, because this time of year everyone needs something sparkly!

CEP Calf Sleeves

Calf sleeves are all over the place and people rock them for many reasons from extending their short wearing season, to muscle support and increased blood flow. CEP Calf Sleeves are perfect for training runs or race days and allows your gift recipient to wear their own socks too. Check out the shine on these guys, give your calf sleeve loving running pal what they want plus the added benefit of some much needed visibilty.

Calf sleeves cost $40 ($45 in reflective nighttech) and are the perfect size to fit in a holiday stocking or even in a jacket pocket for a mid-run gift exchange!

Garmin 935 and Fenix 5

The days of multiport watches too clunky to wear to the office are over as soon as the Fenix 5 came to town.  We challenge you to find a sleeker wearable that can calculate your vertical oscillation, ground contact time, and lactate threshold but not be ruined by the pool.  The Fenix series drops $100 on all models through November 24, making it the perfect gift for your tech savvy friend who would smash a less fantastic watch while snorkeling, trail running, or mountain biking.  

The Garmin Forerunner 935 is basically the Fenix 5 in different (plastic) skin. All of the data and flash you expect from the Fenix 5 is here but looks more like the traditional Garmin watch you have come to know and love. All of the data your favorite multisport athlete loves to both track and access is right at their finger tips.

The Fenix 5 comes in at $499 until November 24 and the price will go back up $100. The Forerunner 935 is $499, making either of these perfect gifts for your one true run love.


Runners love to talk about running! We have all seen the funny 0.0 stickers on cars and we get the joke but wouldn’t a 13.1 sticker looks a whole lot better? We have a selection of all sorts run and even triathlon magnets and stickers for your run crew. Pick your distance and we even have shine for both the District and your VA run friends.

Magnets and stickers are low on cost, around $3-6 making them ideal for a stocking stuffer or a fun surprise for your favorite 5k runner to find on their car at the end of their track session.

Streak Vest

There aren’t many gifts you’ll give this year that could save someone’s life.  A reflective vest creates a safer environment for everyone.  Vehicles and other wheeled traffic can better see your favorite runner, keeping them safer in the darker hours.  Plus, the Nathan Streak vest fits great over bulky winter clothing, no matter how bundled you are!

Coming in at $27 the Streak Vest is a perfect gift for your running parter, your life partner, and/or your ride or die relay partner.


Headlamps are the handsfree answer to see and be seen while running. The sun rise and set times make it difficult for most runners to complete a run in daylight so help your favorite runner with the right gear for the task. In her recent post on night time or early morning run safety, Tess outlines why headlamps and other illumination is important not only for your runner to see but for them to be seen by cyclists and any other vehicle. Show your runner you care for them to not only get their miles in but safely arrive at brunch.

Headlamps range in price from $30 to $60 and each have specific bells and whistles you want to consider for the runner in your life.

Happy running, happy shopping and our next holiday guide will be up next Friday.



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