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5 Gifts for the Running Geek Dad

5 Gifts for the Running Geek Dad

Let’s face it, you have no idea what to buy your dad for Father’s Day!

Luckily, we are no stranger to what dads want. We know what to get the dad who has everything, the dad who wants the latest and greatest, and the dad who just won’t buy it for himself.  Check out our top 5 picks for your running geek dad!


TomTom Watch

These GPS watches are perfect companions for training and include all kinds of features that will help your pop track his performance and improve over time.

Both the TomTom Runner Cardio (regularly $269- $70 off through Father’s Day!) and the Multisport Cardio (regularly $299- $70 off through Father’s Day!) have built-in heart rate monitoring sensors so you don’t have to deal with a pesky chest strap to know when you are in your optimal zone.  They feature one-button control and an extra large display to make it a breeze to navigate through the controls.

Downloading stats is easy– your dad will be able to review and analyze his progress which will help him set goals.  It is a perfect raining tool to enable him to boost his pace and get the most from every run!

Incidentally, through the end of the month, customers that purchase either a TomTom Runner Cardio or Multiport Cardio and running shoes within the same 2 week period from Pacers Running can receive a refund of $40 through TomTom.


Generation UCAN Superstarch Drink Mix

If dad likes to geek out over nutrition and optimize his diet for peak performance, then turn him on to this incredible concoction.

Your father will get a kick out of mixing up a drink of Generation UCAN‘s superstarch formula to have the right amount of energy at the right time. Loaded with a healthier, more efficient energy source than sugars, caffeine, or high-carb meals, the drink can be used before and after runs for sustained energy during a workout and recovery after.

In a range of awesome flavors, your dad will enjoy it as a pre-workout snack, during long endurance workouts, and between meals as a small meal replacement shake.

This mix is available in a 26.5 oz super tub with 30 servings ($60) or in individual packets ($3.25).


Triggerpoint GRID Foam Roller

Using a foam roller has been shown to relieve muscle and joint pains and improve flexibility and range of motion. With self-massage, your father can roll through the tight muscles, knots, and kinks that prevent feeling good and moving well.

Of course, many injuries can be avoided through proper stretching and foam roller use. And, in fact, a foam roller is better at preventing injury than rehabbing an existing injury which means the key is being proactive.

So, if your dad is they type who thinks “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, help him get a leg up with a Triggerpoint Grid foam roller.

The GRID X ($49.99) and the orginal GRID ($39.99) both offer a sweat proof and easy to clean design that is relatively compact (5.5 x 13 inches).

Each of the two models have notched surfaces that help aerate tissue and promote the flow of blood and oxygen– the nutrients needed to repair muscle.  But, the GRID X is more firm than the original making it best suited to break through the body’s toughest, tightest trouble spots for relief from aches and pains.


Olukai Sandals

Speaking of relief, what dad doesn’t need a little?  These supportive, Hawaiian crafted leather sandals will help take the stress away after a long run or a long day.

Olukai offers a range of footwear models ($65-$90) that are casual and relaxed for incredible comfort. Premium materials are carefully selected to be beautiful, durable, and soft against the skin.

Give your forebearer something cozy to slip his feet into so he doesn’t have to bear such a heavy load!

PAC-228 Summer Pass Web Header-Summer Pass

Race Entry

As much as your dad might have fun geeking out with his favorite running gear, there’s a good chance he might enjoy an experience even more. Better yet, what if he could share that experience with his son or daughter?

Next week Pacers Running is hosting the Freedom Four— a four mile race with plenty of patriotic spirit.  You and your dad could jump right in and take on the course.

Or, if you need to train a bit in advance, the Crystal City Twilighter is coming up in a month’s time.  An evening event, it makes for a super fun summer challenge.

Lastly, Clarendon Day Run takes place in September and our race kicks off a fantastic neighborhood festival that makes for the perfect post-race party!

Get your dad a single race entry or even a Summer Race Season Pass ($90- a $120 value) that will get you savings on all three of the above mentioned events.  Or, take it to the next level by committing to join him on the race course. He will be sure to cherish the time spent with the chip off his old block.


5 great ideas– you can’t go wrong with these gifts for dad!  Visit Pacers Running for a last minute Father’s Day gift, we’ve got the goods!


By Jordan Mittelman, Director of Marketing

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