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Add the Supernova Glide 7 to Your Playlist

Add the Supernova Glide 7 to Your Playlist

“Kick, push, kick, push”… Boost.

So come and run with me… in the Adidas Supernova Glide 7.

Sampling one of the best hip-hop artists today, Lupe Fiasco, for some inspiration seems all too apropos when talking about the Supernova Glide. Lupe offers unique, refreshing, and quite surprising perspectives on stereotypical hip-hop subject matter. Born out of the “conscious hip-hop movement”, his material focuses on social issues that often don’t get addressed by the traditional rapper.

So what does this have to do with a running shoe?

Well, like the conscious hip-hop movement, ever since Adidas introduced its Boost midsole technology a few years back, eyes opened– wide. And like Lupe mixes his thought provoking material with an effortlessly dynamic flow, the Supernova Glide mixes Boost and EVA foam, offering an exceptional combination of soft cushion, responsiveness, and underfoot structure.


Recently, I increased my weekly mileage in preparation for an upcoming marathon and I found myself suffering from excruciating shin splints in my right leg. I tried every possible technique for relief before ultimately taking six weeks off to rest. Upon returning to the pavement I decided to go for more cushioning in my shoes, which is when I first laced up my Supernova Glide 7’s. In 200+ miles since, I have had zero symptoms of shin splints. Nothing else in my training routine changed. I can only attribute the continued health of my shin to the change in footwear.


While the Supernova Glides may not be great for speed and agility training due to their higher platform (31.5mm heel, 24.2mm forefoot) and weight (10.9oz), they are a dream high-mileage neutral trainer, especially in the latter miles of longer runs. The Boost midsole, designed by chemical company BASF, is essentially thousands of small energy capsules that store and unleash energy more efficiently with every step. This amounts to a truly special type of cushioning that ensures a very consistent run.


Adidas’ Boost technology provides the extra kick you need to push yourself through the final miles of your long runs. So, try the Supernova Glide 7 and experience a fresh mix of soft cushioning and responsiveness. Adidas has made a conscious effort to use unique and innovative methods in designing their running shoes– a stance that meshes well with the approach of my favorite rapper.

And, that’s cool with me– it’s why both Lupe Fiasco and the Supernova Glide 7 are featured on my playlist.


By Kellen Seligman, Pacers 14th Street

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