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How to Hydrate on Hot Days

How to Hydrate on Hot Days

We all know that staying hydrated is important for running, especially in these last hot weeks of the summer. If you are simply sitting at home or in the office the options are easy, but if you are trying to figure out how to take water or your favorite sports drink on the run with you, here are some tips.

Think about where you will be running, how far you will run and what will be comfortable to carry on the run.

If you are not going very far or if there will be drinking fountains along your run you can use a smaller volume handheld and top it off along the run if you need to.

For any handhelds, the wriststrap allows your hand to relax as you carry it, and most incorporate a small pouch like the Nathan SpeedDraw Plus with an 18oz insulated bottle and hi-viz reflective design pictured here.


For longer runs, a larger handheld or waist belt with one large bottle or several smaller bottles may be necessary. Or you can try a hydration pack that allows you to run with your hands free for better balance and the ability to easily carry a much larger volume of liquid.

Longer runs outside of the city where hydration is not available from water fountains and convenience stores means bringing more of your own with you. The easiest way to carry more is to wear it. Kellan has the Camelbak Delaney sling which features a zippered storage pocket and also holds an insulated 21 oz podium chill bottle (which will also fit your bike bottle cage) to keep your drink cold.

Need more? Go big with a with a hydration pack like the Nathan Vapor Shadow Joanna is wearing that has a huge 2 liter bladder and a women’s specific fit. You’ll find it has tons of storage so you’ll be prepared wherever the run takes you.


The Camelbak Circuit is small and light and carries 50 oz of liquid. Need more? the front pockets will easily carry an extra handheld bottle or keep your other accessories in easy reach.


Not sure you’ll regularly need the benefits of a hydration pack? The bladder in all of these packs is removable so you can use that space for storage, making a comfortable running pack to run commute with. Plenty of room for your wallet and a dry shirt for after the run.


You should never overlook your need for water and, on the hottest days, it’s especially important to plan how to hydrate on your run. If you haven’t quite yet figured out what works for you and are thirsty to find a good solution, hopefully you have seen some good options here.

Remember: DC stays humid throughout the year– even if it’s cold out, you are still losing water and need to be taking more in.  I suggest you use the end of summer to figure out what options you like to help you stay hydrated.


By Steve Laico, Community and Media Specialist

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