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Freshen Up Your Sock Game

Freshen Up Your Sock Game

Shoes are what matter when you are running, right? We are a running store and we firmly believe that being fitted in a real run specialty store buy a trained salesperson is a sure way to make running the sport for you. This is true, shoes matter; there is no question about it. We are going to let you in on a little secret- the socks you wear under those shoes are critical to keep your feet happy too.

All of the socks we carry are technical socks, meaning they are designed for running. They are not made of cotton or other materials that will hold sweat against your foot causing blisters and other hot spots. Wet cotton = blisters and blisters = trouble. When your feet are in trouble you cannot run. Running socks do cost more than a gigantic bag of cotton socks but they keep your feet in running shape. It is simple happy feet = a happy runner.

At Pacers Running we have a deal everyday, buy 3 pairs of socks get the 4th free. This is not a special deal; it is on all year long. On our sock wall we have options for style, cushioning, height, color, and general personal preference. If you are looking at this wall there is not a pair of socks that will tear your feet up. You might find your favorite but all options are all good ones.

Feetures! socks are a solid choice. There are new spring colors as well as an update to the toe box. This new generation of Feetures! socks have moved back where the compression ends in the toe box so there is no chance your socks will irritate your pinky toe (or bunion) no matter how long you run. If you like tall compression socks Feetures! has rolled out the Elite Graduated Compression sock. These socks have medical grade compression in the sleeve but are not too difficult to get on or too tight while they are on your legs. The compression socks are not part of buy 3 get one free deal but come in at competitive price point and may just become your new go to compression sock.

Runners love Balega socks and this season there is something new you will want to check out: Balega Silver. Silver anti-microbial treatment has been added into the yarn keeping your foot not only dry but odor free. That is a tall order from a running sock! Balega also includes compression, ventilation and a hand linked toe seam to keep your feet dry and blister free as you hit the road or the trail this spring.

The great thing about any sock you see on Pacers sock wall is they are guaranteed for the life of the runner. Don’t let that dissuade you from freshening up your sock options this spring. There is no easier way to show your feet how much you value their hard work than some fresh socks.


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