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What a New Female Runner Needs

What a New Female Runner Needs

You caught the itch, and it’s settled– you are a runner. Congratulations, there are endless benefits to joining in this crazy activity. One of the best parts of being a runner is how easy it is. It doesn’t require a membership or wildly expensive gear.

Once you catch the running bug you may think you need all the gear. And, of course, when looking around your local Pacers Running store there is an extensive variety of gear to choose from. It all can help support your running but it is not all essential right away.

Let’s narrow down the options to see what exactly a female runner needs to keep a newly discovered love of running alive.



This may seem wildly obvious but you need shoes to run. Not any shoes, mind you, you need running shoes that are right for your feet. In terms of expense, this is the biggest one you need to take on right off the bat.

Wearing old shoes, the wrong shoes, or ill-fitting shoes can end a love affair with running faster than you can say fartlek! Get fitted with a running professional, try on many pairs, and find out what feels amazing to you.

Sometimes this will yield unexpected results. Trust yourself, your feet, and Pacers Running to help guide you into your running shoe. Once you have them, only wear them to run. They are beautiful but they are a tool, the tool that makes you a runner. If you use them for that purpose only your shoes will serve you well for many miles.



More about what to do for your feet leads us to socks. Socks can make or break how comfortable your feet are as you run.

Cotton socks are inexpensive, readily available, and in your drawer, right? This is true but these socks are not your running socks.

Pacers Running has an array of running specific socks to choose from. Most running socks are a bit thinner than cotton socks and use a blend of synthetic fabrics which help to wick away moisture from your foot. And, many feature seamless stitching which prevents any sort of rubbing or irritation that could lead to blisters.

The only down side of running socks is they cost a fair amount more than a pack of cotton ones. But, they feel awesome on your feet and go a long way to make you a happy runner.

Spend the money on socks and your feet will want to run. You do not need many pairs, start slow and buy a pair or two to see what you like.


Sports Bra

A key element for a happy female runner is a great sports bra. Like shoes, try on many options to see what works for you by containing your curves in a way that you can live with.

Without a properly supportive bra, many women experience breast pain while running. A good sports bra will help reduce the bounce!

Again, you may already have sports bras in your drawer right now. They might do the trick, but they might not.

Compression is key to comfort and the right sports bra will serve you well for miles and miles. But, note that a sports bra will need to be replaced when it stops offering you the support it did when you got it.


Those are the must haves to get you started. Once you establish you want to stick with running you can add to these basics. Be aware of your personal likes and dislikes, some people are short shorts lovers and others are not. Some people love their compression sleeves while others don’t find they need extra help with recovery. There is no need to go all in– build as you build your miles.

With apparel, there are countless styles, fits, materials, and colors to be had. One way to add to your running wardrobe is to pay yourself a dollar for every mile you run, run you take, or goal you meet. Earn all of the pretty gear out there!

You are a runner and it is nice to have things that will help you enjoy the experience.  But, start with the basics!


By Heather Jeff

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