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  • Sep
  • 20
  • 2016

New Kicks for Your Key Race

New Kicks for Your Key Race

Fall marathon season is upon us. You know the key rule: change nothing before race day. This is solid advice for many parts of your race day lead-up, but this wisdom does not apply to your footwear. You can look at your training log, or your Garmin, or your Strava, and all data points show the same thing, you have run a lot of miles in those shoes (if this is your first marathon, you’ve probably run more miles in the last few months than you ever have before). Your shoes can typically handle between 300-500 miles, but why run a marathon in well worn shoes? You have already invested so much time and energy in your training, so give your feet the gift of fresh running shoes before race day.


Buying new shoes before a big race, like a marathon, is the way to go. It is so tempting to wait until the race is over to treat yourself to a new pair. Think about the feel of a new pair of shoes, it is so good!  Running a marathon in the shoes you trained in will bring you to the start line with a lot of miles in your shoes. While having your familiar shoes maybe comforting to your race day mind, buying new shoes and wearing them in advance of your race, will give you a more cushioning and better support as you head to the start line. In fact, we suggest putting about 30-50 miles (including a longish run) on your shoes before toeing the line.

A big important question, should you change brand at this stage in your training? That is totally up to you, if you are more comfortable buying what you have- do that. If you are not superstitious or injury prone or in love with your shoes try something new (but similar to what has worked in the past) and then run in them. Best case is to buy new shoes a few weeks before race day and take them on some long runs, look for any hot spots or areas that may cause you issue on race day. Arrive at the start line confident they are in the right pair for you. As always, buy what works for you and if that happens to be a new brand go for it.


Stop by our online shop or your local Pacers Running and try on shoes to give you the race you are ready to run. We offer complimentary gait analysis and will make sure you have the items you need for your big race day including fresh kicks.

Running the Marine Corps Marathon or 10K?

We’ll pick up your event packet with the purchase of Brooks gear, including new shoes for the big day. Check our our webpage for more info or our blog for details. We even have the MCM commemorative gear too!



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