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Stay Hydrated on the Long Run

Stay Hydrated on the Long Run

When you speak to a business owner and the phrases “we never meant to be a business” and “necessity is the mother of invention” come up, you know you are in for a good story. Jeff and Jenny accidentally started Tailwind Nutrition when Jeff completed the Leadville 100 mountain bike ride and felt like his legs could keep going but his stomach could not. Jeff tried many other products and did not find anything that worked for him. Being a problem solver he decided to make something that could hydrate and fuel him himself.

Jeff learned that many of the ingredients in other products correlate to GI distress, like protein. Tailwind covers your hydration, electrolytes, and fuel needs and is designed to carry you through a long day of training minus the stomach distress.


Endurance athletes are known to support each other and when Jeff’s friends noticed what Tailwind was doing for him they too wanted in on the magic too. Jenny and Jeff decided to go for it and relayed on word of mouth as well as social media to get the word out on Tailwind. They also opted to keep production local, employing people in their town of Durango, CO to make Tailwind. Keeping it local allows them to fulfill orders in a timely fashion and keep their energy in the business.

Tailwind Nutrition is a new product for Pacers Running so come by and pick up a packet to keep you fueled on your runs.


Hydration To Go

Proper hydration starts long before you exercise, especially in the hot summer months when you are sweating before you even break a sweat on your run (and obviously sweating a ton on the run). It’s important to replace the fluids and electrolytes that you lose to maintain performance. The best way to stay hydrated is to always have something to drink with you.


We offer several options that make it easy to stay hydrated at home, around the office, and on your commute. All of these bottles feature a hook or loop to attach to your bag and the wide top makes it easy to mix in your favorite sports drink (like tailwind).

Camelback Chute with DC Flag .75L available in 4 colors

Camelback Eddy .75L available in several colors

Camelback Eddy stainless steel .75L available with Pacers or DC Flag logos

Nathan BigShot 32oz/1L available in several colors


On the run/ride

On hot long runs it’s important to stay hydrated, and unless your run involves some friendly neighborhood garden hoses along the way, you’re going to have to carry what you need with you. We offer a range of handheld hydration bottle options. Below are some key features and tips to help decide what’s right for your run.


Loosen Up: A grip-free hand strap makes it much easier to carry on the run than just filling up an old empty water bottle. It allows your hand and arm to relax as you palm the bottle. It also makes it harder to drop mid run. Many also include storage for small items like your keys, gels, and credit cards/ID.

Go With the Flow: Many bottles now feature a one way flow through valve.  This means you don’t have to keep pulling and pushing the top to open and close the valve every time you take a sip. Just give the bottle a gentle squeeze. It’s a really simple and convenient feature that will keep you hydrated without breaking your stride.


Size matters: When selecting a water bottle from all the available options it may be hard to decide where to start. It may be best to decide how much you need. Remember that it will weigh more when it’s filled with 10-24oz of water.  While a larger bottle might not weigh much more when it’s empty in the store, it will weigh twice as much when it’s full of liquid.  Consider how much you need to drink and how much you really want to carry. If you plan a route that has water stops you can top off a bottle at a water fountain mid-run. If you need more than a handheld (or feel that a large handheld weighs too much) you may want to start looking at hydration belt, vest or pack.

Nathan SpeedDraw Plus Insulated, 18oz with insulation to keep your drink cool

Nathan SpeedMax Plus, 22oz

Nathan VaporMax Plus, 22oz

Nathan QuickShot Plus, 10oz

CamelBak Arc Quick Grip, 10oz


Roll with it: Riding to work or to workout? We’ve got you covered there too with the DC Flag Camelback Podium bottles. 24oz of DC Pride.


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