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  • Jun
  • 21
  • 2016

Survive Metro Safe Track

Survive Metro Safe Track

How do you survive Metro SafeTrack? By run commuting of course. Safe Track just started and it has already effected my commute to the Pacers Running in Clarendon. I usually take a bus from my house to the Pentagon, take the blue line to Rosslyn and the orange/silver up to Clarendon, and the reverse on the way home. On average, it takes me an hour to get to and from work. When the plans were first announced, I immediately started to look for the other options that Metro spoke of. When driving and paying for parking, using buses or adding an hour to my hour long commute each way did not fit into my schedule, I decided to run/bike commute. After run/bike commuting over the past several days, here is a list of items that you cannot commute without.

Nathan Power Shower


Keep a pack of these at the office for cleaning up after you get to work. The pack contains 15 lightly scented wipes that help cool and clean the body off for the rest of the day. These are much more effective than handy wipes and does more to clean and cool the body than covering up body odor with deodorant.

Camelbak Chute (with the DC Flag and Pacers logo of course)


Since I am running/cycling in to work every day, I have increased my water intake to stay hydrated during the hot and humid weather the DMV enjoys. Keeping a water bottle handy by the desk is an easy way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Since it will be with you all day, pick a bottle that is spill proof so you can’t ruin work papers or electronics if the bottle is knocked over. Trust me, I learned from experience.

UCAN Hydrate


To continue with Hydration, the UCAN Hydrate supplement is chalked full of electrolytes to replace what the body loses in sweat. I use this product before and after my commute. I will add it to my water bottle during the day so I am fresh for my run commute home. What is nice about this product is that it contains all the benefits of Gatorade without the sugar and overpowering taste. The Lemon lime adds a hint of flavor to your water.

New Balance Endurance Backpack


This back pack is awesome. I can carry a change of closes, shoes, hydration bladder, and food on my commute into the store. The adjustable shoulder straps and chest strap let the back pack sit high on the back and does not interfere with the running stride. The waist strap allows the back pack to take a little pressure off the top of the shoulders and distributes the weight around the body nicely. The Endurance backpack has several reflective spots to help the wearer be more visible in the late evening hours and the inside lining is odor resistant.

2XU Compression Shorts/Tights/Sleeves and Socks


With Metro Safe Track Scheduled to go on for the rest of the year, run commuting will take a toll on the body, no matter what fitness level you are. At night, after I get home, I will put on my 2XU compression tights to help my legs recover from my commute. I like the 2XU compression gear because it is soft and light weight. The idea with compression gear is that the when you compress a muscle group of the human body, the veins in the muscle dilate or get bigger. This allows the heart to move more blood through the area, providing more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle group, while moving waist byproducts, like lactic acid, out of the muscle group, providing a faster recovery time. I also have a pair of the 2XU compression socks that I will use for recovery and a pair of the 2XU sleeves that I will use on a run from time to time.

High Cushion Shoe


Since I will be run commuting daily, I invested in a shoe that is a little softer than I usually use. Higher cushioned shoes tend to have a softer feel under the foot and helps with the extra distance and extra time that I spend running commuting. I am not going to highlight any one specific high cushioned shoe here because what works for my running style might not work for yours. What I would suggest is that you come to Pacers Running and ask for a gait analysis and ask for higher cushioned shoes to try on.

Nathan Sport Wash


This stuff is awesome. I would suggest that you use this product on all of your athletic gear or anything that is synthetic and moisture wicking. Here is the deal, if you use regular fabric detergent on your athletic clothes, it clogs the fabric and becomes less effective at moisture wicking. The detergent that gets stuck in the fabric is what causes you clothes to smell when you are running. The Nathan Sport Wash will actually clear out all that gunk that causes odor and restore you clothes moisture wicking properties like it was brand new.

Nathan Strobe Light


Safety first. Grab one of these lights to be more visible to motorist on your commute. The light has a solid or strobe function, again to help with visibility. I clipped mine onto the top of my backpack and left it there. Don’t for get to turn it off!


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