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This or That: Men’s Shorts

This or That: Men’s Shorts

Choices, choices.  At the purchase counter or staring into your closet or dresser drawer before a run.  Often the choice of what to wear comes down to style, functionality, the weather, or simply what makes you feel good.

Here I highlight the differences between two staples: split shorts and two-in-one shorts.  Hopefully, it helps you to know– do you like this or do you like that?

Split Shorts:

It is a hot day. The sun breaks through the clouds and you can feel your skin pulsing. The warmth and light washes over you and you are restless to start your run. Every bit of you is charged from the divine attention from above.

For these beautiful moments, the only option is the ever-revealing split shorts.


These trusty shorts offer unprecedented range of motion ideal for squat thrusts or tricky runs through the woods. With most pairs weighing just under two ounces, you feel like you are wearing nothing at all. For those who seek freedom–and tan legs–these shorts cannot be beat.

Split shorts are available from most running brands and can be found at any of our Pacers Running locations.  I recommend any of the Nike 2 Inch Racing Short ($55.00 – pictured), Saucony Inferno Split Short ($42.00), or Adidas Supernova Split Short($40.00).


Two-in-one Shorts:

The temperature reads 87 when you walked out the door at 6am. It is now 8:30 and you are 12 miles into a 16 mile run. The sweat that once drenched your body is reduced to salt and it feels like the skin between your thighs will soon bleed. You curse the flimsy brief liner on your years old running shorts and know there must be a better option.

The answer is the two-in-one short!



Rather than suffer through the swamp that is DC in what feels like skimpy underwear, you can bask in the luxury of shorts with a compression, half-tight liner. Not only will your muscles feel looser because of the increased circulation to your glutes, calves and hamstrings, but sensitive areas will stay in place. And, angry chafed skin between your legs will be nothing more than a bad memory.

Two-in-one shorts are available from most running brands and can be found at any of our Pacers Running locations.  The Saucony Throttle Short($48.00), North Face Long Haul Short($65.00), or Nike 7 Inch Phenom Short ($62.00 – pictured), are all great options.


There you have it.  Split shorts or two-in-one shorts.  Let us know what you think– do you like this or do you like that?


By Frank DeVar

Manager, Pacers Logan Circle

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