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What is a Fun Run?

What is a Fun Run?

Hi Friend!

What is a Fun Run?  This is a very common question that we hear at the store, and one that I myself asked when I moved out here from Kansas (Toto jokes allowed) in June of 2005.  The Fun Run is an all-accepting family of runners from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  We have school teachers, architects, retired military, active military, lawyers, contractors, patent attorneys, psychologists, waitresses, engineers, political strategists, art conservators, physics professors, two editors (who I hope don’t read this too closely) and at least one running store manager.  Our ages range from almost 70 (and kicking butt!) to a couple of high school kids we get to see every summer.  I guess most of us are in the 30-something group, but we aren’t picky.   Paces range all over the chart.  We have walkers, walk-joggers, folks who run anywhere from an 11:30 per mile pace all the down to a handful of folks that I call the “fast kids” at about 7:30 per mile, sometimes a little faster.  Some of us run together while some us keep a little space and enjoy our headphones and a little time to think.  We have seasoned marathoners, collegiate runners, new runners, 10 milers, 1 milers, ironmen and ironwomen just to name a few.

I guess what I am attempting to say is that we are varied and unique, but when we come together, we are a family.  At least that is what I found when I moved out here.  My wife and I found a group of very welcoming, new faces that invited us to be a part of their family.  Since then, we have met parents, celebrated holidays, toasted accomplishments, shouldered loss, welcomed children, inherited a daughter and an uncle, and grown more enriched because of all of it.  And all the while, the family keeps growing and changing as new faces join, and old faces move away.  But one thing is for certain, everyone is part of the family.

So when folks ask, “What is a Fun Run?”, I like to respond that it is a great group of groovy folks that is always looking for more faces to join their merry ranks.  In reality, it has been so much more for me and my wife.  It has been a warm hug and a welcoming handshake that lets us know that we have a home here.  So, if you are looking for place to run, we have that.  And if you are looking for great friends to make this place feel like home, we have that too.  Hopefully you can come out and join us.

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