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  • Apr
  • 27
  • 2016

Lunch Runs On Us!

Lunch Runs On Us!

A crop of lunchtime runners is an unusual sight to behold, heading mile by mile into the part of the day we’ve accepted as the “work” and not “leisure”. These lunchtime runners brave a new territory. How great does it sound to charge out of your daily routine to stretch your legs, grab some endorphins, and take in the sights?

If you looking for a way to pop out of the office for a few miles mid-day but would like a group to meet and a place to start, say hello to RUNch sponsored by Saucony at Pacers Navy Yard location. Meet at the store at 12:30 for a quick 3-mile run and grab a bite before heading back to the grind.

Also, Share Your Run Stories

The upside of running with a group or a partner is there is someone along side you to help with the sanity check, the “did that just happen” factor. We all know on the run there are countless opportunities to witness any number of bizarre or mundane activities.


For the month of May, Pacers Running is asking runners to open the vault and share their stories out loud at the Navy Yard RUNch run and on social media with the rest of the running community. Take a look at some of the stories Saucony has been told, they are worth the look. Tell us of the things you’ve seen on the run, from the tourist photographing a dumpster on the mall to the machete wielding motorist to the couple picnicking with a six course meal at Gravelly Point.

You’ve seen it all and now is the time to share. Join us at the Navy Yard location every Wednesday in May at 12:30pm to tell your story or create a new one on a three-mile run. Share on facebook. Sharers will receive a custom lunchbox and a chance to tell your story on Pace the Nation.

May 4th – 12:30pm + Whole Food’s

May 11th – 12:30pm + Nando’s

May 18th – 12:30pm + Whole Foods

May 25th – 12:30pm + Ice Cream Jubilee



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