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  • May
  • 27
  • 2020

Pacers Re-emergence Plans

Pacers Re-emergence Plans

“You know our story is kind of like The Very Hungry Caterpillar; when we are ready, we’ll emerge from this cocoon a butterfly.”

Michael Prather, Pacers Alexandria

You may be wondering what a story about a famished caterpillar has to do with a small business like Pacers Running.

We’ve been asked about our re-open plans and are receiving lots of calls about our service options. Thank you for your excitement and encouragement. We are itching to get out for a run most days too and can’t wait for the day when it’s safe to see you face-to-face, or mask-to-mask. 

Currently, our internal re-emergence plans have us opening for controlled, appointment-based service starting Monday, June 15 at Pacers Alexandria, Pacers Clarendon, and based on timing of Mayor Bowser’s phase II order, Pacers 14th Street. Our other stores will follow in Pacers Running’s re-emergence phase III plan estimated to begin June 18-22.

We will publish our appointment scheduler and details online the week of June 8.

What We’ve Been Up To

“So like the caterpillar we too are going through a metamorphosis as we look to what we believe is a bright future.”

Kathy Dalby, CEO

We know our stores are important community hubs and community-based retail plays a huge role in the lives of our customers and adds to the vibrancy of Main Streets.

Our plans are underway with our teams prototyping and retrofitting stores, re-examining fit processes, developing communication plans, and creating event concepts. Our team – our beautiful, brilliant team – has come together over the last ten weeks with creativity and compassion and a drive to emerge from this moment to create the most dynamic experience possible all centered on our core values of being present, being kind, and being brave.

We also know that this metamorphosis must be that: a shift in our ways of doing business that is empathetic to the needs of our employees and customers and is integrated across all physical and digital platforms. 

So we aren’t planning for a re-opening. We are planning for a re-emergence.

We appreciate your patience as we plan to provide appointments at select locations June 15 and expand from there. We are just getting started in seeing how much we can grow across platforms and as a team while providing the best in community-based retail and events in our community.

We are still here and will continue to serve you digitally and online which has proved to be a valuable addition and extension of the service you’ve expected from Pacers Running, especially to new runners who we embrace as part of this community.

We’ll see you soon.

Chris Farley, Owner + Kathy Dalby, CEO


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