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The Scoop: July 9, 2018

The Scoop: July 9, 2018

Twilighter 5K

Next Saturday night, July 21 is the Crystal City Twiligther 5k. Packet pick up is open at Pacers Clarendon during regular business hours. Get your tank, your bib, gear check bag and any supplies you need to crush a night of summer running. Bring your fiends, your run crew, rock it with your Run Club Throw Down Team. Run, celebrate, enjoy WE THE PIZZA at the finish line party along with Port City Beer. Summers nights are made for racing.


Come by Pacers Navy Yard to check out RunHaus. This week there is a lot going on on the RunHaus patio including Runch on Wednesday, Yoga on Sunday, and fun every single day.

This week we have fun, running and good vibes all over this city. Take a look at the usual schedule as well as the highlights listed below. Catch you out there #ForEveryRun

Great American Running Shop

Saucony is up to some summer fun with their Great American Running Shop summer campaign. Stop in the store or sign up for the Great American Running Challenge on FitRankings, kicking off on July 11. If you are not already registered get in on it now, the worst that can happen is you get your runs in! #RUNBIGSHOPSMALL



Joggers and Lagers is on, meet outside the tasting room at 7pm and get some miles in before your refreshing brew. Mondays are made for beer and miles! Don’t forget, bring your #RunClubThrowdown team out for Crystal City Twilighter and earn an extra point just like the Pacers Alexandria Team did last Monday.



Run to Shake Shack Logan Circle with run groups from Pacers Navy Yard, Clarendon, 14th Street and Pentagon Row. Take your run on an adventure to the Shack, meet up with other runners from around town, and get your first drink on Shake Shack! Runs start at 7Pm, except for Navy Yard which starts at 6:30pm. Join us this Tuesday, or the second Tuesday of every month.


RUNch at RunHaus

Meet up on the RunHaus patio a little before noon for a lunch time run. Bring your lunch or pop over to one of the many delicious joints in Navy Yard for a post run picnic on the patio. Midday miles, sunshine, and a break from the workday is on the calendar for this week at RunHaus.

Nutritional Clinic at Pacers Clarendon

Finding the balance and help you need to achieve your running nutrition goals. Join us Thursday, July 13 at 6:30 PM for a free nutritional workshop at our Pacers Clarendon location. Bring your questions and concerns about effective fueling to keep you running strong and bonk free! We will have samples to taste with our discussion, followed by our 7 PM fun run, so come ready for a run!


Yoga and Tunes at RunHaus

Pacers favorite Yogi, Emily Bango will be back in the Navy Yard for Yoga and Tunes at RunHaus this Sunday. Loosen up, relax, as Emily leads you though some much needed stretching. No need to be an expert or even flexible, Emily does a great job making yoga accessible to the tightest runner. She is also brining along her musician buddies, Reed and Sean to play live music to make this class even more amazing. Tickets are $10 and we are counting the days until yoga!


MedStar Injury Screening

If you are getting training for a fall marathon or half marathon you know being healthy is key. On July 19th at MedStart is hosting an injury screening clinic at their Lafayette Park location. More details including a link to register are coming but keep this event in mind, and on your calendar.

Beer Mile Training Run at RunHaus

If you are planning to run the Great North American Naughtical Beer Mile you are going to need to get in a training run. We got you! On July 26th at 6:30pm meet at RunHaus for the official, sanctioned Beer Mile training run of the 2018 beer mile season. We will supply the brews, seltzer, and tunes, you bring your crew, and a can-do attitude.

Pace the Nation

Check out Episode 161 of the PaceTheNation Podcast with local 93 year old runner Dixon Hemphill


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