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The Scoop: July 23, 2018

The Scoop: July 23, 2018


Saturday night at Crystal City Twilighter was pretty EPIC! A huge thank you to all of the runners who showed up to show Mother Nature you don’t care about a little rain (or a lot of rain). You all brought fun, energy, and some solid PRs to the night and it was a blast. Thank you Race DJ Edward Daniels for being the Master of Ceremony, WE The PIZZA for the post race pies, Port City Brewery for the refreshments, Fitness First, Pivot Physical Therapy, Arlington Fire and Police, Doorways for Women and Family, and everyone else on the ground who made this race a thing! Results are posted and pictures will be up in the coming days.

The Run Club Throw Down went down, standing water be darned with some solid wins all around. Here are the results:

The Run Club Throw Down 2018 Winners:

Thank you all for playing along, bringing your A game, your moves, and your great vibes to an incredibly wet night. Please make sure your use your hard earned title as much as you can because you are the Run Club Throw Down Champions! A huge thank you to all of the Run Club Teams who played along, it was so much fun to have you out there.

Trail Jam

Mark your calendar for Trail Jam 2018 on Saturday August 4 at Lake Accotink. All of the details are in the invite and we hope to see many happy trail runners out there logging some miles. Altra will be out with demo shoes to take for a lap or two. The event is free but we are collecting school supplies for a couple of Fairfax County Schools as well as cash for a documentary in the works about our Altra rep Kyle’s struggle with depression and anxiety. Running changes lives as we all know and we are honored to help share Kyle’s story to shed some light in areas we often don’t discuss. Run as much as you like but let us know you are coming so we have enough refreshments.


Great American Clean Up Run with Saucony at Pacers Old Town

We’re on a mission with Saucony to keep our community clean so we can enjoy litter-free running routes. Join us as we plog along for the Great American Cleanup Run, where you’ll do good for yourself, our neighborhood, and the planet, all at once!

-Group-led plogging run with Pacers Running
-Post-run activity: create your own shoe planter!
-Giveaways, sneaker demos, & more!

Optional donations will go to Keep America Beautiful, a leading national nonprofit that inspires and educates people to take action every day to improve and beautify their community environment. Here is the registration link, please let us know if you are in so we have enough supplies.

Share your plogging haul with #SauconyCleanupRun #DoBeautifulThings


This week, we have free runs from all over town, and here are some highlights from the week ahead.


#Joggersandlagers is on at Port City Brewery, meet outside the tasting room at 7pm for the run and meet  back afterwards inside for a refreshing brew.


Saucony will be at Pacers Navy Yard for their Great American Running store event this Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. All paces welcome #foreveryrun

New Balance will be at Pacers Fairfax at 7:00pm for the evening fun run. Come check out the latest gear from New Balance and get your miles in too.


If you are training and planning to run the Great North American Naughtical Beer Mile on August 11 you are going to want to come to Pacers Navy Yard this Thursday evening for the Official Beer Mile Training Run. We will supply the Bud, seltzer and tunes, you bring your team, your thirst and your fast feet. The party will happen on the #RunHaus patio, just show up!


When planning your long run this week be sure to stop by the RunHaus Oasis. From 7:30am-10:30am we will be there will mid long run snacks, fresh socks from features to put some more pep in your step, and cold water for your water bottles. Oh and we will have music too. Run by, say hi, refresh and get back out there.

Pace the Nation

Stay tuned for Episode 163 of the PaceTheNation podcast. In the meantime, you can binge listen to the other 160+ episodes already available.

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