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Faces of Pacers: #ForEveryRun Edition

Faces of Pacers: #ForEveryRun Edition

For EveryRun isn’t just a tagline or a hashtag, its an embodiment of who we are. Those few words guide the way we do business, relate to the community, and support runners across the spectrum. At Pacers Running we are a brand that is welcoming to all paces, experiences, and levels of fitness.  Through our events, races, social runs, and simply being part of the community we come into contact with every type of runner imaginable.

We support developing athletes like Stone and Audrey Kate Smith who spent the summer training with the 14th Street Social Run Group before returning at Alabama to train with their school teams. We celebrate collegiate runners like Rachel Phandinh who ran  locally in high school before she moved on to run in college (Go Hokies!). We support Don Trilling and his annual run at the George Washington Parkway Classic as runner number 1. We are thrilled to host Mandy Whalen at races especially since she often wins her age group. And Jamie Watts is an inspiration and regular participant at nearly all of our races.

For EveryRun is not one size fits all but all runs fit you. We are here to celebrate your journey as an athlete whatever that looks like from year to year. We are here to provide the tools, the community, and the structure to support the journey you are on and the running you do.





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I have never run a race before, I enjoy running, but have never been one for big events. I used to be the weirdest person in living in Pennsylvania, it was just me out there running alone along the road. It is so common to see runners around here and it is fabulous. Runners are […]

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Faces of Pacers: Sean Bryson

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After 9/11 the country really came out to support public safety. One of things people who were on site at the Pentagon, in New York, and in Pennsylvania all talk about is the community spirit we had in September and October 2001. Our own community came out in force to help and support Arlington public safety. […]

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