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  • Aug
  • 11
  • 2017

Faces of Pacers: Pace the Nation Podcast Hosts, Pacers Weekly Podcast about “Running” Broadcast from the Center of the Universe

Faces of Pacers: Pace the Nation Podcast Hosts, Pacers Weekly Podcast about “Running” Broadcast from the Center of the Universe

This week our #FacesOfPacers are three people we have profiled individually in the past but add up to the hosts of Pace the Nation, our weekly podcast.  Pace the Nation calls itself a running podcast but seems to cover many other subjects with a sprinkling of running here and there. This is not an indictment so much as fair warning. You will hear about parenting mishaps from Farley, dog stories, transportation issues, a lot about the great state of New Jersey, the University of Virginia, and additional bits about geography that will cause you to wonder. There are inside jokes, super inside jokes, call backs to past shows and lots of talk of the magical years Docs and Farley spent in Charlottesville. Thank goodness Joanna is there to bring them back to the present day and the eternal heat of summer.

Celebrating the 1st Birthaversary of the podcast

Pace the Nation has 117 episodes, this is not some flash in the pan. Over the years the hosts have spoken with everyone from Olympians, their Super Fans, local legends, to Race Directors and everyone else who is a runner. At Pacers Running our mission is to celebrate the journey of every runner and Pace the Nation does just that week in and week out.

The glue that holds this all together are our three hosts, Chris Farley, Joanna E Russo, and William E Docs. Nothing gets done without the three of them meeting in an un-airconditioned studio on Highland Street. Check them out, listen in, and if you don’t get it reading this you will get it after listening in.


Recording on site at the Crystal City 5K Friday Race


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