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  • Aug
  • 25
  • 2017

Faces of Pacers: Race Day Edition

Faces of Pacers: Race Day Edition

Sadly summer is coming to a close but the good news is race season is right around the corner. At Pacers Running we produce our own races as well as support community races with everything from course management, marketing, registration and timing. When you come out to a Pacers Event you will know you are in the right place because there are some faces regularly out on the course, spinning tunes, taking your photos and catching your times. These people are the heart and soul of what makes our races tick. Take a look at our upcoming race calendar and makes plans to see them in the coming weeks, they are getting ready for you!

The leader of all of our events is Race Director Lisa Reeves. She works out all race day logistics, big and small, and leads her team as well as all of the runners on course to experience the best possible event. Kris Utt does the job that racers value above all else, he times he race. Somehow your result is lost? Kris can find them for you. Your results are for a male when you are female? He can swap that too. Magic! So many factors contribute to the fun of race day but one we never overlook is music and bubble and Race DJ Edward Daniels brings both. The final key to race day magic are photos and Brain Knight brings his skill and talent to each start and finish line. His photos are second to none and when you see him make sure you give him a wave, who knows, maybe you will be on the next race poster for Pacers Running!

These Faces of Pacers are sure to elevate your race day and who knows maybe this is the fall you find your new favorite race with us.


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