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Faces of Pacers: Pat Dalby, Chief Financial Mom

Faces of Pacers: Pat Dalby, Chief Financial Mom

I was a schoolteacher for years; I loved that part of my life. In 2006 my husband and I were living in Denver and I decided to retire from teaching. At the time I was looking for something else to do with my time; about the same time Kathy was getting Pacers Events started. She had a boring job and called to say she was ready to quit and take a chance on planning events for Pacers. I told her you are young, you are an athlete, now is the time to go for it- just make sure you have health insurance. These days I handle the books; it fits with my analytical mind. I also keep a tight handle on the cash; the kids call me Panta (a cross between Pat and Santa) when they want to buy something for the company, like new radios or course equipment. Working for your daughter can be a bit of a tap dance but she says, “If I can’t trust my Mom with the money who can I trust?”

I feel that Pacers Events is not here for the fastest or the loudest; we are here for the hardworking dreamers, the people that running does not necessarily come easy for. I think we have a real positive impact on the community, we give people the opportunity to participate in the sport at their level, we do not limit who can participate.

Over the years I have done every job for on the events side, well, except timing- timing is complicated and I do not want to do that. In the beginning, there was no on-line registration, so Kathy would mail me suitcases of forms, and I would enter them all into the computer. Then I would fly out to help with the events and stay in Chris’ [Farley] mom’s best friend’s basement. Being in DC was such a boost, there is so much energy, there is so much history, and I enjoyed coming out to help. These days I am behind the scenes, basically doing what I want to do. I am involved in my community; I’m a member of the Abraham Lincoln Club, a group on the opposite end of the age spectrum from the Pacers Events group. I volunteer with the Nationals and the Capitols Historical Societies, I do flowers for my church; we have a great life here in DC. I told Kathy I want to work enough to fund a nice trip each year, we plan to visit all seven continents.


Panta at @Marine_Marathon Pacers Running party handing out snack cups to soldiers. Once a teacher always a teacher.

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