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  • Aug
  • 18
  • 2016

MCM Training Update

MCM Training Update

We are all suffering in the endless heat and humidity and getting in solid training runs is tough. This seems like the prefect time to check in with our crew that is training for the upcoming Marine Corps Marathon. These runners are all running for RunningBrooke, a local nonprofit designed to help kids stay active and learning. This year Brooke prepares to run her 100th marathon at MCM and has a tribe of runners onboard training with her and fundraising. We all know the best part about running is we are all in this together.



Brooke Sydnor Curran

Founder of RunningBrooke

This fall Brooke will run her 100th marathon at MCM. As she prepares for October she has been running some additional races and concentrating on taking the long view to stay healthy. On these exceptionally hot and humid days her asthma/exercise-induced asthma is exacerbated and she leaves her watch at home and focuses on running by feel. When she focuses on speed she might get on the treadmill on a 2% incline to mimic the resistance of outdoor running. On truly terrible days, or when her work schedule conflicts with her running schedule, she gets in the pool and pool runs. In addition to being a great way to beat the heat, pool running is an excellent tool to get a workout in. Bonus, you can (usually) run without further aggravating any twinges or minor injuries.



Susan Jasmin

Content Manager for RunningBrooke

Susan’s marathon running experience got off to a rocky start in 2003 after training all winter for what is known as the Unofficial DC Marathon. The Unofficial race was brilliantly supported at the last minute by the local running community, volunteers, friends, and family. She expected her marathon experience to be one and done yet continued to train through the summer for another marathon. In October 2003 she happily ran her first official marathon at Marine Corps.

Thirteen years, seven marathons, a couple of ultras, and who knows how many miles later, Susan is again surprised by unexpected circumstances that brought her back to training for the Marine Corps Marathon. This time she is part of the team from RunningBrooke. Susan also signed up for Pacers Coaching, which provides her with a personalized schedule, group runs, and her coach, Melissa Roy. All of these factors give Susan confidence that she will successfully get across the MCM finish line.

Susan strongly believes in supporting the local community as best you can. Susan volunteers with RunningBrooke and shops locally with Pacers Running. The Marine Corps Marathon is a special race and knowing how closely RunningBrooke and Pacers Running work together to get runners prepared to run it makes it a great effort to be a part of.


2016 Parkway Classic produced by Pacers Running. Sunday, 24 April, 2016. Photo by Brian W. Knight/Swim Bike Run Photo.

Scott LaPier

Trainer at Fitness Together in Alexandria

Member of Team RunningBrooke

Scott LaPier is training for his first marathon and thus far his running is going well, but the past couple of weeks have been iffy, he reports, because of the extremely hot weather we have been having. His mileage is creeping up and his latest long run was 13 miles. He is running by himself, mainly routes around Old Town and on the Mount Vernon Trail.

Coming up Scott has a Spartan Race that he will do with his group from Fitness Together and he will be at the Clarendon Day race where he will run the double [both the 5K and 10K race].

Scott is mindful about what he eats and tries to consume more complex carbohydrates and protein in the evenings before he runs and he continues to cross train with weights. He was happy to see that with a slight reprieve from the heat his pace improves.



Glen Stone

Construction Manager, Carbon Industrial Design

Member of Team RunningBrooke

Glen Stone is getting in pretty good shape this summer, he recently ran the Cacapon 12 Hour Challenge Trail Run where he logged 40 miles. He said the course is insane and he spent his time staring at his feet while bolder hopping.

Glen would like to clock in at under 4 hours at Marine Corps so he has made an addition to his training plan: speedwork. He knows the speedwork is helping evidenced by the fact he is sore and tired in new places. He is also focusing on his running volume as well as intervals in his weekly mileage.

Between now and MCM marathon, Glen would like to add a trail marathon on his calendar. He said that training for Cacapon gave him the momentum that he needs.


Thanks Team RunningBrooke for the updates and keep after it. We are all telling ourselves that this heat will break and we will get fast. Summer miles make for a fast fall, right?

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