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  • Sep
  • 22
  • 2015

Coach’s Corner: It’s All About You

Coach’s Corner: It’s All About You

Our team motto for the American University track and cross country teams during the 2014-2015 season came from the legendary track coach and founder of Nike, Bill Bowerman: “Coaches don’t make athletes, athletes make themselves”. Whether you are an established athlete who is trying to break four minutes in the mile or a novice runner looking to lose ten pounds before the new year, accomplishing a certain goal is up to you and only you.


Expert coaching advice is useful, the right pair of shoes can help keep you stay healthy, and compatible training partners can keep you motivated, but nothing is more important than the understanding of yourself, your goals, and what it takes to accomplish them.  If you are willing to work hard, resolve to understand your body, and be disciplined, then you have all of the necessary tools to benefit from running.  All you need to improve in this sport is everything you already have, anything else is optional.


By Tom Brumlik, Assistant Coach – AU Track and Cross Country

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