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Is the Pacers Training Program A Good Fit For You?

Is the Pacers Training Program A Good Fit For You?

There are many reasons you may decide to go in and commit to a running coach. Boris did it to meet a time goal while others do it to get a customized training program and some accountability. Joe Shultz is the head coach for Pacers Running says some runners hire a coach simply because they wan to understand why their friends love to run. No matter your goal, your reason, or your prior PR, Pacers Running has a coaching program designed to meet your needs.


Joe oversees the program and designs athletes’ plans on an interactive Google document. From here, you can run on your own or link up with the Pacers Running Social Runs to get your miles in. Each Pacers Running location has a coach(es) linked to that store and to your plan. Coaches support track workouts each Wednesday night at a variety of tracks around town. This is not only a chance for you to get in your speed work but also an opportunity to connect, in person, with your coach. Joe builds the training program but your assigned coach handles issues and changes to your plan on the fly.

Training is seasonal; in June he gets an influx of Fall marathon folks. In October people look to train for a winter race, or ahead to a spring marathon. There are runners looking to run 1 mile, their first 5K, or move from run walk to run. Joe finds it cool to help a lot of different people meet their goals.

The other objective is to become part of the running community. Joe is big on supporting the running community and counts many of the runners he and his wife Sonia have met over the years as dear friends, even family. Training together grows the running communities around the neighborhood Pacers Running stores as well as the community on the whole. When you sign up for coaching you learn there is a community out there supporting your running.

To hear Joe tell the story himself check out Pace the Nation Podcast. There really is a plan #ForEveryRun.

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