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  • Sep
  • 27
  • 2017

MCM is Weeks Away

MCM is Weeks Away

Are you running MCM 26.2 or 10K? If yes, then you know that race day is less than 1 month away!

From beginner to seasoned marathon runner this last month before a race can be chock full of questions. Am I ready? Am I going to make my goal time? Was my long run, long enough? Should I do another long run? The weather has been so weird, what should I wear? What should I do about this nagging pain? Your brain could go and on and on.

Here a few bits of wisdom that everyone should ponder.

Questions are NORMAL!

Pre-race nerves are part of the excitement of racing. You have put the miles in, risen at zero dark thirty to fit those runs in, carbo-loaded, foam rolled, tennis-balled, and stretched those tired muscles. So much time and energy has been put toward your goal and its getting closer.

Remember to TRUST your training.

You may have one more long run to get under your belt so before you do, take a breath and remember that you are ready. If you missed one or two long runs because of that thing we call life, that is okay. Bear in mind that this stage in your training the runs will feel hard and that is normal and perfectly OK. Remember tapering is around the corner, calling your name.

Seek help from experts!

If you have a nagging ache or pain consult a physical therapist rather than ignoring it or worse researching for yourself on the internet. The internet can take you to scary places and fill your head with even more questions. Don’t fear, that is why PTs are here! A physical therapist will provide you with answers that can help you feel better. Knowledge is always power.

Remember to BREATHE.

We did an earlier post about breathing and the mind body connection. As you head out for your runs, try spending a few minutes simply breathing. You can also visualize your reason for training. I ran MCM 2015 for a beloved cousin who was fighting a losing battle with brain cancer. I ran MCM 2014 just because I wanted to see if I could do better than my first marathon. Two completely different reasons but they were mine. When I had moments of doubt I would try to bring my mind back to those reasons. Whatever your reason for running, no one can take it away from you.


As the questions and nerves begin to build reflect on your reasons for running this race. Give yourself a pass for being human and missing a training run or two. Trust the work you’ve put forth.

Get ready to get out there and run your race. You will be great!

Sarah Kenworthy is an Exercise Physiologist working at Body Dynamics Inc. in Falls Church City. Contact her at [email protected]

Here is another great post from Sara about running form, totally one worth rereading!

If you are running MCM and would like to avoid the trip across the river to National Harbor we can help. We also have the official Marine Corps gear at our Clarendon and Alexandria locations on sale now! Hang in there, race day is coming. Oorah!









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