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Training with Pacers Running: Achieve Your Goals with Help from the Experts

Training with Pacers Running: Achieve Your Goals with Help from the Experts

We all have goals, right? In life and in running, I find that setting measurable benchmarks and deadlines– whether I am striving to keep a budget, cook more meals at home, or set a new PR at my next half marathon– helps me stay on track and achieve my objectives. The experts at Pacers Running may not offer financial counseling or meal preparation services, but they do know a thing or two about running. Whether you aspire to qualify for Boston or finish your first 5K, the training program at Pacers Running can help you set a new personal record or cross that finish line. Here I will answer a few questions about the program itself and how it can help runners of all ages, shapes, sizes, and abilities:

I just signed up for my first 5K a few months from now and I have no idea how I will be able to run 3.1 miles. Can the Pacers Running training program help me?

Absolutely! You will be matched with a Pacers Running coach who will work with you to design an individualized training program based on your experience, goals, and time-frame. They will assign different types of workouts and guide you through the process as you work your way up to your race distance.


I am an experienced marathoner looking to beat my PR on a hilly course next year. What can the Pacers Running training program offer me?

The training program coaches are experienced in many different race distances, and have likely accumulated a wealth of knowledge on your target distance and may have even run the course in question! Your coach may customize your training plan to include workouts on similar terrain, and may assign hill repeats and speed-work to help improve your time.


Does my coach run with me? Or am I expected to do all of my workouts on my own?

You will have many opportunities to train with other runners and meet with your coach during your training program:

  • Weekly strength and speed workouts take place every Wednesday evening at tracks close to Pacers Running stores– your coach will  tell you when and where to meet! These weekly sessions give you the opportunity to review your progress with your coach and meet other training program participants.
  • Each Pacers Running store hosts multiple fun runs during the week, which are open to training program participants and runners in the community. Fun runs welcome runners of all paces and ability levels and distances generally vary from three to five miles. Connect with other local runners while you train to reach your goal!
  • Pacers Running leads weekend long runs of five miles or more on both Saturdays and Sundays in DC and Virginia. Multiple distances are traditionally offered and all paces and abilities are welcome to join.


How much does it cost?

Good question! Pricing is based on the length of time you choose to train– whether you are a beginner just getting into the sport of running and looking to see what progress you can make in nine weeks, a marathoner with your sights set on a race 18 weeks out, or you have a bunch of races on your calendar over the next year, there is a session to fit your needs.

When can I start?

You are in luck– your Pacers Running training program can begin at any time you choose, and your training schedule will be customized to fit your time-frame and lifestyle.

Who is in charge?

The experts, of course! These include trained Pacers Running coaches who are overseen by Program Coordinator and Alexandria store manager Joe Schultz.


How do I sign up?

Register online today and take the first step toward improving your running life.


By Erica Gminski, Pacers Fairfax

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