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  • Sep
  • 19
  • 2015

Dr. Moses Wants to Keep You Injury Free

Dr. Moses Wants to Keep You Injury Free

We runners run. To that end, we need to stay on top of issues that could turn into injuries and keep us from pursuing the sport we love. One great thing about living in this area is there are many people that can teach you what it takes to stay in the game, on the run, and healthy. Dr. Mike Moses of Arlington Pain & Rehab is one of those people and we are lucky enough to be able to host him at Pacers in Clarendon in September where he will offer a clinic.

Dr. Moses is a sports chiropractor with 20 years experience and is an accomplished runner himself. His own athletic resume is the real deal– he’s completed 4 Ironman distance races, 14 half marathons, and 42 marathons including 19 Marine Corps, as well as plenty of more casual events like our Jingle All the Way 5k.

When treating patients, his goal is to figure out how athletes can have all of their body parts working in harmony. Sports injuries tend to become a moving target– something pops up and you just have to take account of yourself to know when to push through and when to seek treatment. The most frequent cause of injuries to runners is lack of hip extension and heel strike. Many of us train hard and then sit down for big chunks of our day which ultimately affects our flexibility. To maintain power in your stride hip extension is key.

How can you stay well and continue to run well into the future? Dr. Moses has some insight here, starting with taking stock of yourself and your training habits. He advocates taking a look at the body as a whole to see what areas may be compromised and impacting your stride. Following are some strategies to put into your bag of tricks to keep yourself feeling healthy For EveryRun:

Get a gait analysis.

While running you want to be as  tall as you can which requires mid-line stability, solid alignment, and joint mobility. Sometimes we start out tall and strong and as we tire, our form can suffer. It can be extremely helpful to have someone take video samples of you running at various points in your run so you can see your form.

Take it one step further: look at video of yourself sitting at your desk, walking around, doing your thing. This allows you to look at your body as a whole and see if there are areas you need to address. A gait analysis will pick apart small imbalances that decrease power output and can increase wear and tear on your body.

Build core and muscle strength and challenge your muscles in different ways.

Can you squat, deadlift, box jump?  Add other activities into your training regime to cross train. To be a healthy runner you need to be plenty strong.

Work to maintain a full range of motion.

Runners run but people need to move all sorts of ways and should work to maintain a full range of motion in their body and joints. Find ways to get flexible and stay loose– consider a standing workstation, try pilates or yoga, just get moving!

It is key to work on injury prevention for about 10 minutes every day.

Use a foam roller, get a regular massage, stretch, and stay tuned into how you are feeling.  Do whatever you need to do to maintain your strength and flexibility. We are athletes and need to treat our bodies like the machines they are!

For more tips and information, plan to come by Pacers Clarendon to work with Dr. Moses on Sunday, September 20th at 6pm.  You will learn great techniques to keep you strong, feeling well, and injury free.


By Heather Jeff

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