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Local Marathon Runners in the News

Local Marathon Runners in the News

For many runners completing a marathon is a bucket list item. The training and the toll marathon running can take on one’s body and social life alike can be significant. Add in a full time job with a demanding schedule and running one marathon, or many marathons, may seem just too crazy to consider. There are many runners in the DC area who train and compete in marathons at a high level year in and year out. What is their magic?

When Caroline Cunningham of the Washingtonian asked for tips on  how runners balance their training there was no one better to connect her with than our Pacers Running//GRC- New Balance Coach Jerry Alexander. Coach Jerry set her up with some of his athletes and they share how they maintain the demands of running along with the demands of their careers. Jerry is a committed supporter of his athletes and when asked about this article he had some words to share.

When Caroline Cunningham from Washingtonian Magazine asked me if I could connect her with marathoners who have demanding jobs and still find the time to train, it wasn’t hard for me to come up with numerous athletes with compelling tales to tell.  The five Pacers Running//GRC New Balance athletes Caroline included in her article race at a very high level—the astute observer will notice that Emily Potter and Kieran O’Connor are pictured competing in the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon—and they all have demanding careers, and family commitments.   And none of these athletes, or any of their Pacers Running//GRC New Balance teammates, use their busy schedules as an excuse to slack off the training.  For us, working hard by day and running hard by night (and morning) is what we do.  I hope that their stories will help inspire you to do the same.

Thank you Caroline for asking, we love learning the pro-tips too.

How 7 Busy Washingtonians Find Time to Train for Marathons

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