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  • Jun
  • 23
  • 2016

MCM Training with Glen Stone

MCM Training with Glen Stone

Marine Corps Marathon training kicks off soon and throughout this training cycle we will follow some runners through their miles of of training to get to the start line of The People’s Marathon. We will connect with a variety of runners each with their reasons for getting to the start line. Marathon race day is amazing but sometimes the stories behind the bibs is the best part.


This week we introduce Glen Stone, he is a repeat marathon runner and a reformed lover of dangerous sports and activities including, but not limited to: motorcycle racing and deep cave diving. A father of two, husband, and gainfully employed at his company Carbon Industrial Design he has found running keeps him accountable with both his diet and overall health. His company recently completed interior remodels for Pacers Clarendon, Navy Yard, and 14th Street and he did not even land the job based on the fact he is a runner.


This fall as Glen heads back to the start line of the Marine Corps Marathon and he is more interested in helping others through his running than running a fast marathon. He is registered with RunningBrooke to raise money to provide access to exercise, play space, and curriculum to benefit kids in Alexandria, VA. “I am not running for a time, I am never going to beat my 3:32 [his marathon PR in Philly in 2005]. I want to get other people out there helping Brooke raise money,” says Glen. “Well, I would like to run Boston but to do that I need a 3:20.”


Brooke and Glen have been friends for a long time and over the years Brooke has been a big inspiration to Glen to get back into shape. “When I was really unhealthy she helped me change my life. Back when I was really out of shape running a marathon was an unreachable goal for me and I did it. I like to reach for things that are difficult, that are tough to do, and back when I was really out of shape that is what a marathon was for me.”


Brooke has an interesting relationship with running and community and raises a great deal of money to benefit local children. When Brooke started running marathons she ran 10 of them and just became bored with racing. When she started using her running to benefit someone else it all came together for her. This is a concept Glen can completely relate to. He knows what it takes to raise healthy kids and wants to help other families in the community have access to what they need to help their own children thrive.

In 2005 Glen ran his PR in Philly and shortly thereafter had his first child and 14 months later had his second. It was like a light switch for him; once he had a family he did not run at all, there was just no time for running. He had a new business, a new family, and for 8 years he did not do anything to take care of himself. Glen gained back weight and found himself back where he did not want to be. Since then he has run other marathons, even a ultra but running is hard and for some reason Glen keeps coming back for more.


For this race Glen says he will not participate in any formal coaching and will fit in runs when he can. Since he is self-employed he can break out and take a run when it fits into his schedule. “I do not see myself as a serious runner. I run on my own time so the kids often do not even know I run,” says Glen. Besides Brooke, Glen credits his Hokas for keeping him running and “saving my feet.” He said he has a variety of pairs for different jobs and they keep him moving. It seems like the support of his friend, his family, and good footwear should help Glen make it through a long, hot summer. As the weeks pass we will check back in with Glen as he racks up miles and training for his MCM and funds to benefit RunningBrooke.



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