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We are into it now, 2018 is underway, and change is in the air and dreams on getting on paper. With the spirit of the new year in mind we want to offer a challenge to you- share your journey. There are lots of ways to make this year one to remember. Tess offered a number of concrete ideas to enhance your experience running as both a sport and a pastime. Tell us, show us, share with us, what speaks to you in 2018? What does your journey look like? Our eyes are peeled, on Instagram mainly, to see what you have going on this year. Plus writing it down and sharing it makes you more likely to achieve it!

Last year we followed some inspiring people getting it done out there, and here at Pacers Running we love the story, we love the celebration, and of course the journey. Not to pick favorites but here are some examples of the journey that not only brought you into the running community but allowed you to become the person you have become, running is just that powerful.

Grace Foster, BOMF Chapter Director, is a runner, as well as a leader of a community organization which has a huge impact on the homeless population in our city. Her personal narrative brings tears to my eyes and is a complete testament to the human spirit and how healing running can be.


Brooke Curran has crossed a lot of finish lines, literally hundreds of finish lines. Last year she took on a new challenge at Leadville Trail 100 Run in Colorado, her first ultra and an extreme one for even the most experienced runner. There are plots twists to Brooke’s story and we are looking forward to see what happens in the next chapter of this story.


When storms devastated her home state of Texas Schoastica Nguyen filled a truck with supplies and headed out on the road to help her hometown. She took a cue from her mom and knew she needed to be a kind, giving person and do the right thing. Running here is the common thread and giving back to the community is where many runners excel.


We would love to see your story and share your journey, your wins, the struggles, all of it- just tag @runpacers and use #2018Journey and we’ll be there right next to you cheering you on to the next step along the way.




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