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Marine Corps Marathon Training with Ken Zambito

Marine Corps Marathon Training with Ken Zambito

While running the Mississippi Blues Marathon in Jackson, Mississippi Ken fell into step with another runner who noticed and commented on his Boston to Big Sur shirt. The two struck up a conversation and ran together for the next 20 miles where they learned they were both working on running marathons in all 50 States. During the race they figured out they were both running a marathon in New Orleans the following month and made plans to meet up to run together. Ken did not find Brooke before the next marathon started but about 7 miles in he spotted her 50 yards ahead and took off to catch her. Brooke and Ken have run 15 marathons together and this fall Ken will take on the Marine Corps Marathon as a member of Brooke’s Team, RunningBrooke as she completes her 100th marathon and raises money to make sure kids are active, healthy, and learning in Alexandria, Virginia.


Ken, a veteran of 72 marathons, runs races of all sizes and styles and has learned what he likes in a marathon. After completing a small marathon in Maryland he came back to his home in Orlando and thought about starting his own marathon. He pitched the idea to his running group and a race was born. The Town of Celebration Marathon and Half Marathon is in its fourth year and has sold out all 2,500 entries since it’s inception. Ken draws on his own experiences and pulled in the parts of races he enjoys; the runner experience is a key factor in his race. The first year he pulled a board together, hired a timing company, and learned to do everything else for the race themselves. Ken needs to keep his day job but enjoys putting on a local race each winter. To get the word out Ken reached out to running clubs and leveraged social media to sell entries. One of the objectives for the marathon is to raise money for charities and over the four years they have raised a lot of money to benefit students.

Ken has run Marine Corps Marathon before, he guesses it was in 2011. A new goal he has added is to run a sub-4 hour marathon in each of the 50 states if he can do that in October at MCM he can check on more state off on that list. Less then 100 people have completed this feat and he and Brooke are on track to add their names to this short list.


Training in FL is challenging, it is even hotter and more humid than DC, Ken says. Getting a cool day in the fall is “like pixie dust”. After months of training in the heat runners are used to feeling slow and sluggish but that cool air turns everything around. Here is hoping that Ken nails his sub-4 at MCM in October. We would all love a little pixie dust on race day.

If you are interested in running Marine Corps Marathon in October RunningBrooke has less than 20 bibs left and you can get yours today. You not only can check VA off of your 50 States quest but you can raise money for local charities to benefit local students in Alexandria, VA.


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