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  • Apr
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  • 2018

Running Remixed Week Two

Running Remixed Week Two

It’s time to talk about streaking.  No need to cover your eyes, you get to keep your clothes on for this challenge.  A run streak means logging a set number of miles every day for, well, however long you want to. We’ve seen week-long and year-long streaks. We even have a few streakers in the company right now, Regional Manager Joe (@theaveragejoe_ot on instagram)is on day 103 of his challenge!  The streaking trend picked up in a big way this past year and odds are you’re bound to see someone streaking around town. So get ready to hop on board and go streaking for yourself.

So how does this #RunningRemixed thing work?

Register for Running Remixed with On and FitRankings and log at least 30 miles, walking or running, by April 30th.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes you, where you do it, or if you go for longer. All we ask is that you complete 30 miles total for the month, no excuses or exceptions, and post to FitRankings (which will sync with pretty much any fitness tracker, app, or you can manually add it). You also don’t need to run everyday, you can, but however you reach 30 miles works for the sake this game. But if that isn’t enough you get you out the door, we’re awarding some pretty sweet prizes to some lucky folks who come complete the streak. (Plus you get to tell all of your friends you’re going streaking.)

Two people each week win a pair of On Shoes. On May 1 a whole slew of winners will get either an On shirt (pictured above) or an On cinch pack because you will need some fresh gear with all of the running you are doing!

Want to earn some more points and have a better chance of wining Ons? Tweet or post on Instagram during the length of your streak and tag us (@runpacers) for more chances to win. There are loads of opportunities to race with Pacers during the month of April. Check out Crystal City 5k Fridays, the George Washington Parkway Classic, and the New Jersey Marathon. Tag yourself at any of these events and you can bet you have a better shot at On swag. Use #runningremixed and tag @runpacers to let us know how it’s going, along with an emoji that you think captures that day’s run. You can always hop in and run with us every single day of the week if you want a buddy or need a little extra accountability.

Winners will be announced on May 1.

Happy streaking!

#RunningRemixed #ForEveryRun

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