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  • Aug
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Training for the Marine Corps Marathon takes commitment, drive, determination, and a defintite love for the streets and trails surrounding DC. We know that Washington, DC is one of the best running communities in the country and we want to celebrate your training during these last few months before the big day.

In comes our free virtual training club, the District Training Crew. We are inviting all of our local DMV marathoners and 10K runners to join our virtual crew to earn some cool gear as you hit your milestones in the last few months of training.

Joining the program is easy! Simply register through our FitRankings platform at runpacers.com, connect your fitness tracker of choice, and run your miles. That’s it! The next time you’ll hear from us it will be to congratulate you for logging your miles and to invite you in to Pacers Running to collect whatever cool swag you have earned.

Hit the following training milestones: 26.2 Miles, 100 Miles, 262 Miles 300 Miles, 400 Miles and celebrate your accomplishments. Once you register you are eligible to come to any Pacers location to pick up your training poster which outlines the milestones you will meet in the coming weeks. Other highlights?

Here is the breakdown:

  • Run 26.2 miles, get $26.20 off your next pair of Brooks running shoes
  • Hit 100 miles, stop by Pacers Navy Yard or Pacers Clarendon and pick up your DTC water bottle (ok, we will have some at all locations for sure but these locations are our hubs for MCM)
  • Pile up 262 miles, celebrate with deals to redeem around your town, all of the gifts in this milestone will come right to your inbox to redeem in your District
  • Run 300 miles, pick up your hard earned DTC bandana
  • 400 miles gets you a Brooks special make up DTC custom patch

Fine print: Get the prizes while they are in stock, when they are gone they are gone. This is open to local MCM runners only, because we run DC. You have 2 weeks from the time you receive your email from FitRankings to redeem your DTC gear.

So be sure to go online at runpacers.com, register for our virtual crew, and head out on the trails, the Mall, or through our great neighborhoods.

Thanks for letting us be part of your training journey and we’ll see you out there.

#RunDTC  #ForEveryRun #OORAH



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