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  • Jun
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  • 2018

Run for the Cup

Run for the Cup

The Caps are kind of a big deal around town these days. There is nothing Pacers Running Owner Chris Farley loves more than running but his DC sports teams are a very, very close second. Ok, he loves his family, his pup, his podcast, and a Miller Lite or two, but let’s get back to the Caps, agree?


In honor of Stanley Cup coming to DC, as well as Chris’ unbridled love of the Caps, we are going to play a little game from now until Sunday at noon. Show us on Strava your very best Caps artwork and win a pair of Goodr shades from Pacers Running. There is no better way to celebrate such a sweet victory than with a few miles around town!

You all know the basics of the game, you have seen it before, take your run and draw with it. Head out anywhere around DC and create something to do with the Caps, the Cup, your love of hockey- be as creative as your legs can carry you! Once you have your run/drawing post it on social media and tag us @runpacers #FOREVERYRUN (ALL CAPS). Our eyes are peeled (with our Goodr’s on) and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The parameters are:

  • You must be on foot
  • Your run drawing relates to the Caps
  • You are using Strava
  • You need to tag @runpacers and use the #FOREVERYRUN (ALL CAPS, obvi)
  • Submissions must be made by noon on Sunday June 10
  • Anyone can play, but winners will be a local runners because we don’t want to ship swag to any Russian bots!



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