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Social Running to Shake Shack

Social Running to Shake Shack

Running for a burger seems like an excellent idea, agree? Have you heard about Shake Shack #shacktrackandfield? Think of it your license to eat.

The second Tuesday of each month social runs from Pentagon Row (the old location where the run group is still active), Pacers 14th Street and Pacers Clarendon all meet at the Shake Shack at Dupont Circle. Every runner that comes in the door gets a complimentary drink: soda, beer, wine, shake, anything you can drink with a straw. What happens next is up to you but you cannot go wrong.

The timing works out at the most social runs arrive at the Shack at a similar time, allowing for total runner takeover. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow fun runners who hail from other locations. Shake Shack sells shirts allowing other runners to identify each other easily but chances are you will not need too much help.

DC boasts the largest event the world over, there are occasions where Pacers 14th Street alone has upwards of 150 runners participate. With a crowd that size you will find someone your pace, there is no question about that.


There are a variety of distance options depending on where your run begins and some stores even have your bags or gear transported to Shake Shack for you. Routes are posted online and next Tuesday is the next run. Check out Allan Ng, from Shake Shack on Pace the Nation podcast. He shares where this idea came from and how it all works.

Make a note, tonight you run for burgers.


Sounds like fun, and here are photos from the April Shake Shack run of what the fun looks like too!

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